Today's Opinions

  • My time has come to say goodbye

    About two years ago, I came to Grant County to be a sports writer.
    It was a dream job from the beginning, being able to cover sports since I didn’t have the athletic ability to go anywhere beyond high school cross country.

    After getting my degree in journalism from Northern Kentucky University in 2009, I began a year-long search for a local sports writer position.

  • The best part...

    As school winds and summer heats up, there are a lot of activities going on. Everyone’s patience wears thin waiting for the cold weather to move out and warmer weather to move in. This is my favorite time of the year.  It’s not overbearingly hot but not too cold either.

  • Do Democrats Have A Conscience?

    Ninety percent of Down’s Syndrome babies are killed. Whoops, pregnancies terminated. Chalk up a victory for the Democratic Party. Democrats-have you no conscience?
    Von Hilliard
    Dry Ridge

  • Basketball players, play too hard?

    I would like to know if there are other people who wish for the days again when basketball was a non-contact sport? I played grade school and then weekend pickup games when I lived in Harrison County in the late 50’s and early 60’s. We all knew what a foulwas...even the referees.
    The way college and NBA players are allowed to push, hit, hold, trip and further abuse each other is detrimental to the game in my opinion.
    Jimmy Moore



    Many people know of foster care, but few really understand how the system works, the role of the foster parents and most importantly, the experience of the children and youth in care.

    More than 6,800 Kentucky children and youth are in out-of-home care. Most are  placed in temporary foster care due to parental neglect or abuse. The average age of a child in care is 10.7 years.


    A lot of people worked hard to build and operate a concession stand at the ballfields at Grant County Park.
    A senseless act on Monday destroyed all that hard work in a short amount of time.

    Someone broke into the concession stand and set fire inside the building. The fire destroyed the building and heavily damaged the utility pole and transformer that served the building.

  • The big day draws near

    T-minus 23 days and counting. It may sound like a countdown to a space shuttle launching, but for me, it is a countdown to the day I get to marry my best friend, Jessica Lynn Purnell.
    The day is rapidly approaching and my excitement level has hit a 10 on the meter.

    The ribbons are coming together on the programs, the photos are being scanned into our computer to be put into a slideshow for the reception, a million things on the checklist, but with each step we take, we get closer to June 9, 2012.


    This is a gripe letter. To all of us who look at someone without teeth and judge them for not getting them, shame on you and me.
    I’m guilty too. Just go to your phone and call every dentist in there and you will soon know why.