Today's Opinions

  • The return of Ricky-Bob

    There lives in the J. B. Miller park, deep within the pooled, bottomless water known most commonly as “the old reservoir,” a finned behemoth called “fish” by the ignorant and “monster” by the wise.

  • A good night’s sleep

    I am not a big video gamer type of guy but occasionally I will get a wild hair and fire up the ol’ Playstation 2 and play a game or two. I did it yesterday when one of my girls was trying to play a college basketball game and she was playing as my beloved Kentucky Wildcats and the other team was the rival Mississippi State Bulldogs. She was doing pretty bad (losing by 10 points…in the first quarter) so I had, to commandeer the controller from her hand and redeem my national championship teams honor. Of course, I didn’t fare much better.  


    After enacting a virtual amnesty by decree for 300,000 illegals last August, President Obama is once again showing his total contempt for the rule of law by announcing a new amnesty and work permits for up to one million illegal aliens effective immediately.

  • Child abuse victims should never have to suffer in silence

    The Jerry Sandusky case is a tragic reminder of what occurs daily in communities across this nation and in Northern Kentucky. Children are being sexually abused, exploited, physically abused and neglected, and they are waiting for adults (any adult) to stand up and protect them.


    We, the Sherman Church of Christ Mission team, would like to thank the Grant County Solid Waste for the opportunity to be involved in the community by picking up trash. The funds raised are going to our mission trip to Alabama. This will help us meet our goals of fundraising. It also benefited us by having the opportunity to see how litter affects the environment. Thank You.
    Sherman Church of Christ
    Allie Schawe, Dustin Haubner, Tucker Glass

  • Touch my pocket, I get steamed

    I’m more than a little steamed and it’s not because of the hot weather we’ve had recently.

    I’m hot under the collar because of situations and things I just can’t fathom.


    Low turnout disappoints poll worker
    I worked one of the voting booths in the recently held primary elections. I was disappointed in the low turn out. I do understand some of the reasons why the people in Grant County do not vote. These reasons are all true.

  • Wishing for the old days


    I sure do miss the old days.

    I loved being able to conveniently go into a video store and marvel at shelf after shelf of titles to choose from.

    In the mood for a scare, the horror section provided all the chills you needed.

    If laughter was what you needed, rows of comedy flicks would fill your giggling desires.

    There was just something about the ability to pick up a box cover, read the synopsis and glance at pics from the movie that made the experience greater.