• Why don’t good people vote? Why it’s important

    Through the last several years there have been many great letters to the editor such as Chuck Estridges’s “Save us from ourselves, mindless government”, June 7, 2012 and Frank Goodpaster’s “Low turnout disappoints poll worker”, June 21, 2012.

    My question is why don’t people get motivated and go to the polls and vote? It really is not much trouble to go vote and when we think of the price many have paid to give us that right, we should be ashamed not to vote.

  • Faster-Easier-Safer Voting Machines

    Which method will you use to vote this fall? Would you prefer a paper ballot or an electronic one? In June 2009 the Grant County Board of Elections purchased eScan voting machines from Harp Enterprises, Inc. in Lexington. Because the several hundred thousand dollars spent for these voting machines provided a paper ballot trail, funding was provided by the Federal Government to assist states with the transition to a more transparent voting system.

  • Community makes events happen, fun

    On May 5, I was proud of my community and extremely proud of this year’s Derby Day festivities.

    The morning of May 5 started with the 8th Annual Fitness for Life Around Grant County (FLAGG) 5K Derby Dash- Walk/Run. For some participants this race was their first ever 5K and for many that morning they set an all time high personal race time. As a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, I love nothing more than seeing groups of people engage in physical activity. See runningtime.net for full race day results.


    After enacting a virtual amnesty by decree for 300,000 illegals last August, President Obama is once again showing his total contempt for the rule of law by announcing a new amnesty and work permits for up to one million illegal aliens effective immediately.

  • Child abuse victims should never have to suffer in silence

    The Jerry Sandusky case is a tragic reminder of what occurs daily in communities across this nation and in Northern Kentucky. Children are being sexually abused, exploited, physically abused and neglected, and they are waiting for adults (any adult) to stand up and protect them.


    We, the Sherman Church of Christ Mission team, would like to thank the Grant County Solid Waste for the opportunity to be involved in the community by picking up trash. The funds raised are going to our mission trip to Alabama. This will help us meet our goals of fundraising. It also benefited us by having the opportunity to see how litter affects the environment. Thank You.
    Sherman Church of Christ
    Allie Schawe, Dustin Haubner, Tucker Glass


    Low turnout disappoints poll worker
    I worked one of the voting booths in the recently held primary elections. I was disappointed in the low turn out. I do understand some of the reasons why the people in Grant County do not vote. These reasons are all true.

  • Hats off to Rep. Royce Adams



    I am the Disaster Action Team Leader for the American Red Cross here in Grant County. During my tenure with the Red Cross, I had my first experience at opening a shelter in Grant County for the clients who were affected by the tornado that struck Northern Grant County on March 2, 2012. I want to commend the volunteers and businesses that responded so quickly to the needs of the people of Grant County.