Arsonists must have
    not been thinking

    To the person or persons unknown:
    What was in your mind the night you torched the 90-year-old building in Grant County Park?

  • This reader is tired of all the inaccuracies

    After reading the “Guest Column” by Chuck Estridge that sounded like every television political commercial, I had to respond to the falsehoods and inaccuracies that the column contained.

  • Choose city council members wisely

    Choose city council members wisely
    “Two public meetings, two votes, two different outcomes.” “ I was against the project but now I am for it.” “I said then, it’s not my first choice for our city but where it’s located on the west side of 75, the impact would be extremely small to the city. If it was on the east side of 75, I wouldn’t be for this.”
    These statements were from elected officials that voted in favor of “A” truck stop.

  • Setting examples for the next generation


    Brian Linder is ‘better’ candidate
    “We deserve better” has become the hue and cry at election time. But, how do we get “better”.
    I suggest, if we want better, we take some time to look at who and what is being offered from candidates for any office in question.


    Bredenberg is a
    man of integrity

    I’m writing to support my friend, Richard Bredenberg, running for re-election to the Grant County School Board. I’ve known him 40 years and can say he’s a man of integrity and will always have the children’s best interest at heart. He’s taught in the public school system 33 years and 10 years at NKU.

  • More blood donors are desperately needed

    I called the Central Kentucky Blood Center in Lexington to check on how much blood I have donated over the years. Their computers show a total of 86 units of blood.
     I called Hoxworth Blood Center in Cincinnati and checked and I had donated eight units to them over the years.

  • Impacting children and families


    Let’s Make Em’
    Larn Anglish!

    I thought of the old “why don’t they learn English when the following happened. How does the old quote go, “Oh, to see ourselves as others see us?”
    On a recent stop at a hotel in Tennessee, we were chatting with the desk clerk.  She asked where we were from, and when we told her Kentucky, she said, “I wouldn’t have guessed that.”
    “Why,” I asked?
    “You don’t talk like I would have expected.”

  • The truth? Does it matter anymore?

    During the 2008 election in Pennsylvania, two black panthers dressed in tactical garb and with billy clubs, stood outside a voting station to intimidate white voters. Newly elected President Barack H. Obama appointed Eric Holder as Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice, who then refused to prosecute because of their skin color. Are we being a little racist there Eric? Imagine if the equally racist offenders had been K.K.K. They would be in prison and we would still be hearing about the offense on CBS/NBC, etc.