• Support KET and feel proud about it


    I have been a volunteer at KET, Kentucky’s statewide public television system, since 2009. 

    I volunteer my time there because, for years, my family and I have enjoyed the diverse, wonderful programming and services through KET provides and I want to take part in passing those things on to others in my community. 

    KET produces programming that focuses on Kentucky and keeps us informed on public affairs, arts, health and education in the Commonwealth. 

  • Why do I feel like the victim in tax hikes?


    I’d like to remind our fellow Grantonians that two groups of our local elected officials, i.e. Grant Co. School Board and Dry City Council, have raised taxes this fall. 

    That is quite a jolt during these tight economic times. Both these groups say that they had no choice but to raise our taxes, as they are short on funds.  

    Let’s see...what do responsible citizens do when they are short on funds? We cut back on expenses, get a second job, work a little harder to make ends meet. 

  • 'Caring For Luke Landrum' team gives thanks to the community


    On behalf of the “Caring for Luke Landrum” Team we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the many individuals that showed their support to the Landrum family on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013 during the spaghetti benefit lunch. 

    The turnout far exceeded our expectations and was a testament to what a wonderful community we live in. We cannot thank everyone enough for their support!

  • Letters to the Editor 10-3-13


    Voting to acquit Zimmerman

  • Zimmerman show trial

    In the old Soviet Union, they had show trials, backed up by the state controlled print media, Pravda. The show trials had nothing to do with true justice, but rather to further the states agenda and propaganda.

  • DAR celebrates Constitution Week

     Sept. 17, 2013 begins the national celebration of Constitution Week. The weeklong commemoration of America’s most important document is one of our country’s least known official observances. Our Constitution stands as a testament to the tenacity of Americans throughout history to maintain their liberties and freedom and to ensure those ensure those inalienable rights to every American.

  • Raising taxes doesn't mean raising scores


    The education program exists to support student achievement.

    The local board (school board) represents the community by making sure tax dollars are effectively and efficiently used on behalf of students.

  • First day of school holds special memories


     Wow, the first day of kindergarten, what an exciting and scary day, for our children and us as parents. 

  • Mayor thankful for support of Vietnam Wall


    The Vietnam Traveling Wall Committee would like to thank the over 200 volunteers that helped make this such as success. Over 7,000 visitors stopped by the Kentucky Veteran’s Cemetery North to view the wall and other exhibits.

  • What happens when a bank robs you?



    I was just wondering…

    When people are caught robbing banks, they go to jail. What happens when banks rob people?

    Since we aren’t doing anything about climate change, can we just quit worrying about the population explosion? After decades of the war on drugs, is anyone winning?

    Is there any citizen’s left who could not be cited for “contempt of Congress?”

    Are our “better angels” all on strike or something?