• Time to step away from Will. Council, encourage young people to run for office


     I want to announce that I will not seek a third term as a Williamstown City councilman. I had always stated that I would only do two terms and after much thought and prodding from others to continue on, will be true to my word and not run again.

  • Dry Ridge can no longer foot EMS bill alone


    Providing EMS in Grant County is a very costly and complicated endeavor. 

  • Shopping local helps community


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    I’ve made my list! I’m even checking it twice!

  • Williamstown school district is ‘Ready to Learn’


  • Grant County is gearing up for the annual Country Christmas


    With the recent snap of cold weather, you can’t help but start thinking about Christmas! And yes, it will be here in just 46 days!

    Grant County will be in the Christmas spirit by kicking off December with the Annual Country Christmas event sponsored by the Grant County Chamber of Commerce and Grant County Tourist and Convention Commission.

  • Sen. Thayer has plans to reform ailing pension system

    An ailing pension system threatening our state’s financial stability is the number one issue facing our great Commonwealth. As your state senator, I have vowed to keep the pension promise to our teachers and public servants, and I am certain that the pension reform plan proposed by Gov. Matt Bevin and the Kentucky General Assembly will do just that.

  • Williamstown Independent progresses into fall

    Fall has arrived and so has the end of the first nine weeks of school. Our staff has been busy ensuring a positive and safe learning environment, while students are busy participating in various academic and athletic activities. The first nine weeks of school have been filled with many experiences for students making it an incredible beginning to the new school year.  
    We started off the year viewing the solar eclipse, which is an event I hope students and staff remember watching together for a lifetime.

  • Treasures...Inheritance or headache?
  • Ensuring retirees have a secure retirement

    Bringing about a flurry of facts and a storm of misconceptions, Kentucky’s pension crisis has become one of the most dominating news stories in recent months.
    One thing is for certain: if our state pensions are not addressed in the near future, we will face huge cuts in state funding. Education, Medicaid, and other government services will likely be affected—a risk our state is not in a position to take.
     So how did we get to this point? In the early 2000’s Kentucky’s pensions were in a healthy condition.

  • Are you there, God?

    By Rachel Dawn, Guest Columnist

    It was a sweltering Friday in July, but I was inside. I was sitting just outside of a hotel meeting room door anxiously waiting for my name to be called. 

    It was my first writer’s conference and I had scored one of the few, coveted appointment slots with a publisher; during which I would pitch my book in hopes they would offer me a contract.