• Charlie Dills will be missed


    Several years ago in an effort to raise more money at the Grant County Relay For Life, someone threw out the idea of a silent auction where Relay teams could put together baskets or donate items to be sold.

    That event proved popular and successful and the next year, the Relay committee decided to add a live auction of the top 12 or so items to add another interesting event.

    We didn’t look any further than asking Charlie Dills, a local auctioneer and cancer survivor if he’d be our guest auctioneer and he graciously agreed.

  • Kiwanis Auction funds community projects


    A baby born during our very first Williamstown Kiwanis Charity auction would be 17 years old this month.  Think about the changes that child would have seen in the world during those 17 years.

       The auction idea was born at about the time I developed a lung ailment, therefore its reality was delayed until I recovered. Then I sprang my idea upon the Kiwanis membership nearly 18 years ago.

  • The Senate Republican Majority's top five priorities


     Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed some rest and relaxation as 2013 came to a close.  The holidays are behind us now, and we strive to get back into our daily routines. School is back in session and the work of the year in full swing.

  • 2014...full of promise


    Last year flew by in so many ways; it seems like just last week it was summer. Halloween came and went. Thanksgiving seems like the blink of an eye and it was over. Christmas came and went and in all honesty, I’m glad it’s over with. I was a bit of bah humbug this year.

    New Years came and went and was just another day. I didn’t even stay up to watch the ball drop, which is a yearly tradition. I stayed in and went to bed. Wonder what that says about the New Year? 

  • Help us be a better newspaper


    We need your help.

    I see the Grant County News as a community newspaper.

    The definition of that, in my mind, is two-fold.

    First, we strive to cover this community like no other publication or TV station.

    Sure, the bigger staffed media outlets may trot down I-75 south to Grant County when a big story comes along.

    But, will they be there when a local business opens its doors and is looking for the support of residents?

  • Sometimes the joy, truly is in the journey


    I pressed on, hiking about 50 feet in front of Mary, who was straining to keep up. Dave, not in any particular hurry, lagged behind her another 15 yards or so.

    “I just know the clearing in the woods was right about here,” I shouted back to my two grown children.

    Still unable to find the clearing, I picked up my pace even more, stretching the distance between the three of us.

  • New year is full of promise


    A new year brings new possibilities and promise.

    I look forward to a fresh start in 2014 because I think that 2013 was a hard year and I’m glad to see it’s in the history books.

    They were the best of times. They were the worst of times. Actually, 2013 was one of those years that just sort of sailed along at its own speed.

    Thankfully, the community wasn’t hit with much in the way of weather-related problems like the tornadoes that ripped through the year before.

  • Coming together to reduce the impact of heroin


    What often sets the Northern Kentucky region apart is our willingness to collaborate to solve common problems. When the region was faced with an astounding rise in the number of people addicted to heroin, we came together once again.

     The result was the Northern Kentucky Heroin Impact response group’s plan, “Northern Kentucky’s Collective Response to the Heroin Epidemic,” released in mid-November.

  • The sweetness of Christmas


    There’s a smile on my face. It’s Christmas and along with celebrating the birth of Our Lord I will be swarmed by the full load of family this week.  You are welcome to come to my house on Friday as busloads of grandchildren, (all of them), and all the children and in-laws and hopefully you, stuff yourself in my house. Just be forewarned that water closet time may be limited.

  • May peace find you this year


    Is it just me or is anyone else surprised by the fact that next week is Christmas.

    Normally by this time of year, I’d have all the presents wrapped, the stockings hung with care and enough decorations spread throughout the house to look like a good, old-fashioned Griswold Christmas, but this year I’m a little behind.

    I guess I could blame it on the fact that Thanksgiving fell late this year and there wasn’t a buffer of a week between November turkey and Christmas frenzy.