• Make a difference for our county's youth

  • Historic legislation and protecting citizens

  • Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you


    I have has a long and detestable relationship with several dentists throughout the years.

    It all started when I was 9 or 10- years old and there were too many teeth in my mouth. Some had to go. 

    The dentist was rough and I wasn’t numb. I found out later in life that I have some sort of tolerance to Novocain. Weird. 

    Through tear-filled eyes I watched as he pulled three to four of my teeth to make room. Then came the braces. 

  • A lively week at the Capital


    The energy was lively as hundreds of school groups, local officials, advocacy groups and interested citizens visited the Capital. I appreciated so many coming to witness legislation in action.

    I was honored to welcome many students from my district as well as groups like the Governor’s Scholars and the Future Politicians of America. We need interested and involved students who are service-oriented and focused on leading the in legislative and governmental sectors. 

  • Addressing government efficiency


    As the Majority Caucus of the Senate, we are able to focus the legislation this session, along with bipartisan collaboration with our Democrat colleagues. 

    Per our agenda, we were able to move on a Senate Bill that proposed a constitutional amendment emphasizing legislative independence to ensure proper execution of the law. 

     Senate Bill 1, which I co-sponsored, allows the General Assembly to have oversight regarding government regulations enacted when not in session. 

  • Tax reform overdue in Kentucky


    We passed the one-third mark of the 2014 Regular Session this past week, and one of the highlights was the unveiling of the Governor’s proposal for comprehensive tax reform in Kentucky.

    The Commonwealth has not tackled tax reform since 2005, when Governor Ernie Fletcher proposed updating some of Kentucky’s tax code, which was referred to as tax modernization.  While that legislation had some impact, full tax modernization has not been passed by the General Assembly for decades.

  • What happens in Vegas...


    It is official and I have the T-shirt to prove it.

    The verdict – I’m not normal.

    This story gets started a couple of weeks ago when my daughter, Katie, and I went to Las Vegas with some friends.

    I had been once before, but she had never been and she was excited to have the whole Vegas experience.

  • Snow days can't please all


    There is nothing worse than, no matter what you do, you simply can’t win.

    That’s the position local schools are put in every winter, but particularly this year with the frigid temperatures, dumps of snow and slick road conditions Grant County has had to deal with.

    Just by checking the posts on Facebook, it is not difficult to tell snow days or the lack thereof get emotions running high.

    There are two sets of crowds when inclement weather starts to hit.

  • Pension reform


    After observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, the General Assembly went back to work.

    Jan. 21 was a significant day as Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine, the highest ranking female legislator, became the first woman legislator to preside over the joint session of the Kentucky General Assembly when Governor Beshear presented his proposed budget.

  • We 'like' all political candidates equally


    With the holidays fading into memory, it’s almost time for those grinning politicians to peek around poles and pop up on grassy, although somewhat brown, patches of yards.

    That means the election is just a couple of months away and there is certainly quite a bit of interest in several races as some have 10 candidates seeking election.

    Go ahead and call me a geek but I’m one of those people who believe it’s my privilege, honor and even duty to go to the polls on Election Day.