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    Jan. 9, 1997

  • Tea leaves and herbal concoctions

    We visited friends in Boulder, Co. over the Christmas holiday and had an opportunity to visit the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company that is headquartered there. Celestial Tea had humble beginnings with a group of “passionate young entrepreneurs” (i.e hippies in 1969) who began collecting herbs from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains and crafted their own herbal teas to sell to local health food stores. Today, Celestial Seasonings is one of the largest specialty tea companies in North America.

  • TV show highlights Spicer’s battle with cancer

    Felicity Spicer’s brave fight against thyroid cancer will be featured in a TV show chronicling the challenges youth across the country have faced.

    The 2009 Grant County High School graduate will be highlighted in “The Real Winning Edge.”

  • Fires leave 2 families homeless; destroys summer home on lake

    Three fires in less than a month have left two families homeless and a summer home in ruins.

    The cause of the fires were different – two have been labeled undetermined while the other was determined to be electrical.

    Cash Drive – Jan. 6

    The Dry Ridge Fire Department received a call about smoke in the area just off Day Road around 8:45 a.m. on Jan. 6 and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a motion detector being activated in the same area.


    Nearly 1,000 convicted felons statewide were paroled Jan. 3 as part of a penal code reform to reduce prison population and costs.

    Among those, 22 state inmates were released early from the Grant County Detention Center, said Jailer Terry Peeples.

    “Originally, it was like 35 inmates,” he said. “But, some of those did not get out because they had retainers or charges pending.”

    The early release is part of House Bill 463, which was passed during the 2011 General Assembly.

  • WHAT 2 WATCH 4

    Williamstown Aquatic and Wellness Center-
    The Williamstown City Council and Williamstown Board of Education are collaborating on an aquatic center/classroom addition.
    The idea of an aquatic center that could be used by the community and the school district coupled with the need for more classrooms at Williamstown, brought the two entities together.
    Margie Jacobs of Tate/Hill/Jacobs Architects Inc. in Lexington, presented members of both groups with a feasibility study and preliminary drawings of what the facility might look like.






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