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  • When God’s will, our will and death collide

    I believe that God’s will is always being done  and that it is always the best way but that we as humans are constantly distorting that will just by being human really. You see, this “life” is a mixture of God’s will always at work in the world and our free wills always moving this world in all kinds of ways sometimes closer to God’s will and sometimes not.

    When we are moving towards God’s will, our spirit is alive and our hearts are steady but when we move away from it, we are wounded and experience more suffering and restlessness.

  • Williamstown, Grant County bands bring the heat

    WHS Band of Spirit Grand Champion at La Salle

  • Crittenden Mt. Zion

    Megan Anne Schultz, of Dry Ridge,  daughter of Theresa Harris and Michael P. Schultz, received her white coat for her first day at The University of Kentucky Medical School. Schultz is a 2012 graduate of University of Kentucky with Summa Cum Laude with Honors and a bachelors in biology.
    She started her education at Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elementary School followed by Grant County Middle School and then Grant County High School where she graduated second in her class.


  • Grant County Army JROTC Raiders

    The Grant County High Schools Army JROTC Raider Team competed at Southern Magnet High School in Louisville against 23 other high schools that entered two Raider teams each for a total of 46 competing Raider Teams made up of 460 JROTC cadets. These JROTC teams came from Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio which made the competition extremely tough. There were two National Championship teams there.

  • Pelfrey, Schmitt break GCHS records during 2012 soccer season

    By Philip Frommeyer
    Sports Correspondent

    Two young athletes from the Grant County High School soccer program have earned recognition this year when they broke school records.

    Mollie Pelfrey and Forrest Schmitt kicked their way to new school records this soccer season.
    Pelfrey, a junior at GCHS, shattered Jackie Kinman’s previous record, by scoring 23 goals against opponents this year.
    Pelfrey was quick to give credit to her former coach and her teammates.

  • Williamstown hosts CC invitational

    Williamstown High School hosted 20 schools, including over 600 runners, Saturday, Oct. 6, at their invitational cross country meet.
    Teams from Cooper, Highlands, Dixie Heights and Bellevue High Schools took home first place finishes in varsity and junior varsity races, and all runners competed for individual awards as well.
    Williamstown cross country coach Michelle Whaley confirmed that this was the highest attendance ever after several years of hosting a meet.

  • Hard work pays off for Grant County runners

    By Chantel March
    Sports Correspondent

  • Prank 911 call lands man in jail

    A Dry Ridge man found himself behind bars after police say he made a prank 911 call on Oct. 8.
    Police charged Clarence Fagan II, 56, with falsely reporting an incident on a 911 line, disorderly conduct (causing alarm or panic) and possession of marijuana at 8:56 p.m. on Main Street in Dry Ridge.
    Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills said the 911 dispatch center at Kentucky State Police Post 6 in Dry Ridge received a call at 8:47 p.m. about an armed robbery that was occurring at Grant County Drugs by two men armed with guns.


    Aug. 10:
    (General Warranty Deed) James Pennington and Vicky L. Pennington to Jonas A. Pennington and Tejuana D. Pennington, White Chapel Road property, $85,000
    (General Warranty Deed) Jonas A. Pennington and Tejuana D. Pennington to Michael L. Irvin and Johnna M. Irvin, White Chapel Road property, $87,500
    Aug. 13:
    (Sole Ownership-Cash Deed For Kentucky) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Karen K. Middleton, lot 5, Section 1 of Greenview Estates Subdivision, $70,000
    Aug. 14: