Local News

  • Two arrested in Dry Ridge pharmacy burglary

    Two men have been charged in connection with a burglary that occurred at Total Care Pharmacy in Dry  Ridge on April 1.

    Ricky Dwayne Gross, 23, of Dry Ridge, and Lloyd Adam Maxwell, 20, of Williamstown, were arrested on April 13 on charges of third degree burglary.

    Dry Ridge Police Chief Rick Kells said police followed up on information they received which lead them to the two men.

    “We appreciate the public’s willingness to come forward and provide us tips to follow up on,” Kells said.

  • Skinner tapped to fill top Williamstown spot

    A familiar name will be the next person to lead Williamstown Independent Schools.

    Assistant Superintendent Sally Skinner, who has been with the district for 11 years, was selected to replace Superintendent Charles Ed Wilson after his retirement is effective July 1.

    The school board met Wednesday, April 8, in closed session before making the unanimous decision.

    They called Skinner to offer her a four-year contract with an annual salary of $108,267.

  • On the move

    The Grant County Extension Office finally has a new home.

    There’ll be no more digging through stacks of cardboard boxes or shifting boxes around in a portable storage unit to find program materials for Grant County’s three extension agents.

    The agents and office staff moved into their new $1.4 million home at 105 Baton Rouge Road in Williamstown on April 8.

    “It is exciting,” said Joyce Doyle, the county’s extension agent for 4-H. “I didn’t think I’d live to see it.”

  • Touch of Red features Hurd's pencil art

    Each near photo-perfect black and white drawing has some red in it. 

    Some are mere dots of crimson.  Others are splashes of scarlet.  Still more drip drops of rubies. 

    No matter the subject, each has a “touch of red.”  Through April 15, you can see these cardinal kisses in the pencil artwork at the latest Community Enrichment Through The Arts (CETA) Artist of the Month exhibit at the Grant County Tourism Office Art Exhibit:  “A Touch of Red” by Don Hurd.

  • Williamstown narrows field of superintendent candidates

    The search for the next superintendent at Williamstown Independent Schools is down to two.

    Assistant Superintendent Sally Skinner and Tom Daugherty, assistant superintendent and director of pupil personnel at Rowan County Schools, met Monday and Tuesday, respectively, with staff, parents and community members during a “Meet the Candidates” event.

    The goal of the meetings were to help provide feedback on the finalists for the Williamstown School Board as they prepare to make their choice.

  • Tea Party organized to get government's attention

    John Souder never thought he would be a political activist.

    “Sometimes, you have to stand up and be for something,” the Dry Ridge resident said. “It’s become my belief that the folks we have in charge of government are spending us into oblivion.”

    Souder hopes other Grant County residents will stand up with him and speak their minds during a Tax Day Tea Party he has organized at noon Wednesday, April 15 at the Grant County Courthouse.

  • Police make meth busts in Crittenden

    Police believe they discovered a methamphetamine lab in Crittenden.

    Oletta Jackson, 40, of Williamstown was arrested on March 16 by Williamstown Police Chief Bobby Webb and Officer Ron Perkins and officers from the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force.

    She was charged with possession of methamphetamines.

    Based on her arrest, Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Maines worked with the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, to get a search warrant for an apartment on Kyley Lane in Crittenden. 

  • Drugs stolen

    It was no joke when Total Care Pharmacy in Dry Ridge was burglarized on April 1.

    Thieves made off with more than 2,300 pills including Aderall, which is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and  Oxycodone/APAP, Oxycodone, Oxycontin and Vicodin, which are painkillers.

    “That’s a lot of pills on the street,” said Dry Ridge Police Chief Rick Kells.

    The burglary occurred around 1:10 a.m. when a suspect entered the pharmacy by pulling the sheet metal siding away from the rear wall and knocking a hole in the drywall.

  • Fast & furious

    Customers bombarded Bluegrass Discount Tobacco Outlet in Williamstown on Tuesday, March 31, trying to buy up anything they could.

    “I came in to stock up on it,” said Jody Bush of Owenton. “Stuff was flying out the door. I’m hoping this lasts me a few months.”

    Smokers were lining up to purchase tobacco products before state and federal tax increases dramatically raised prices on April 1.

    Kentucky legislators doubled the state cigarette tax alone from 30 to 60 cents during the recent session.

  • Who will be the biggest winner?

    Dee Perry had described herself as a couch potato who did not exercise.

    That was before she registered last year for Grant County’s Biggest Winner Challenge and took home the overall prize.

    “It shocked me,” the 59-year-old Williamstown resident said. “I had been pretty sick and hadn’t moved that much. It gave me a chance to get out and do a few things and meet a lot of people. I had a lot of fun doing it. It gave me more strength. When you sit around, you really get in bad shape.”