Around Grant County

  • Turning Back the Clock 2-21-13


    15 Years

    February 19, 1998

    Williamstown Independent Schools received a $1,000 grant form the Cinergy Foundation. The foundation has awarded $102,650 in grant money to several Kentucky organizations. The grant, written by Superintendent Cliff Wallace will be used to bring a motivational speaker, Zach Clemmons, to work with students. 

  • Put late winter pruning on your to-do list


    In a fit of gratitude, I made a list of the things I loved about my life the other day.  I managed eight solid things, none were frivolous and one prompted the whole exercise:  I love warm February days. This beautiful February day set into motion a productive weekend.  It felt so good to get some good old-fashioned garden clean up done with my husband by my side and the sheep grazing freely about. It makes you feel optimistic about the rest of your life.

  • Another Place In Time 2-21-13


    Welcome to a new Another Place In Time photo. Do you know any of the people featured in the photo? If so, call your guesses into the Grant County News at 859-824-3343. See next week’s News for their identity.

    If you’ve got an old photo, you’d like to see featured in the News, bring it to the News office. Photos can be scanned and returned in the same visit.

  • Don’t forget about what’s in the root cellar or freezer

    Perhaps this can be a reminder of the payoff of “putting up” the garden in spring, summer and fall:  we have extended our homegrown eating pleasure into the winter months with some basic preservation methods.  If you froze, dried, canned or otherwise preserved fresh fruits and vegetables in 2012 do not forget about them (or horde them for some unreasonable time.)


    February 5, 1998
    Air National Guard Airman 1st Class Mark C. Zordel has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Zordel studied Air Force missions and special training in human relations. Zordel is the son of Dorothy F. Zordel of Lincoln Neb. and Vernon R. Zordel of Williamstown.

  • Accurately describe insect, disease in plants

    In a time when we all seek advice from experts, it is not only important to know what plants you have, but also to understand the nomenclature of symptoms caused by insect and disease problems.  “I’ve got this thing on my wacha-ma-call-it” won’t get you very far with a Google search or in person.  We need to know how to describe the “things” that we find on our plant material so a proper diagnosis and treatment can follow.


    15 Years

  • Too good to be true?


    January 22, 1998
    Kimberly Bowen, formerly of Grant County, received a master’s of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She is a 1986 graduate of Simon-Kenton High School and a 1991 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. She is the daughter of Walter and Alice Bowen of Burlington.

  • Quality, care means equipment lasts longer