Around Grant County

  • Energy assistance available through CAC

    Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission will be providing energy assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The Subsidy Section will run through December 14, 2012 at each of the agency’s eight neighborhood centers. For the Subsidy Section, families do not need to have a cut off notice.  Household’s income must be at or below 130 percent of poverty or relative to household size below:

    • Household size, 1 – Gross Monthly Income, $1,211

    • Household size, 2 – Gross Monthly Income, $1,640


    15 Years

  • Cool plants for fall containers

    This time of the year we usually start to think about cleaning off the front porch, emptying containers of declining summer annuals and replacing them with something a little showy for the fall.  We hope that the old standby of mums will persist through the onset of winter but that depends on the weather and the shape the mums were in when we purchased them. I have seen some that still look largely intact and others that are ready to be pulled.

  • Sweet potato not just for Thanksgiving anymore


    November 20, 1997
    Three Grant County residents completed enrollment at Transylvania University. During the orientation, freshman were introduced to campus life with the help of student orientation leaders.Attending Transylvaniafrom Grant County are: junior, Viral Patel and freshman, Emily Godman and Wade Napier.


    15 Years

  • Bark is better than bite

    There are certain trees that consistently remain my favorites.  When I think about their common characteristics, one thing stands out: the bark.  Interesting bark is always there, whether the tree is leafing out, blooming, or showing dramatic fall color.  Bark remains constant whether the tree is good, bad, pretty or ugly.  

  • Pumpkin Decorating

    November 6, 1997
    A total of five students from Grant County are among the approximately 115,000 students included in the 20th annual edition of The National Dean s List, 1996-1997. Students are selected for this honor by their college deans, registrars or honor society advisors and must be held in the upper 10 percent in their class.

  • Lady beetle invasion common this time of year

    Some years are worse than others: I remember years when it was like a siege of lady beetles other years a few popped up here or there.   Usually they sneak their way into our homes as a noticeable chill settles in. On sunny days they cling to the screen door on the south side of where I write.  Presently they are displayed before me. I need not worry about them as they sun themselves; but the ones that collect indoors, well your best bet is a vacuum cleaner.