Zimmerman show trial

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In the old Soviet Union, they had show trials, backed up by the state controlled print media, Pravda. The show trials had nothing to do with true justice, but rather to further the states agenda and propaganda.
We now have our own version of show trials as we become a new Soviet Union style of hope and change. And just like Pravda, our media led the way. Witness what happened to George Zimmerman. The Sanford, Fla. police investigated the incident and brought no charges, finding it to be self defense. The F.B.I. also investigated and found no evidence of racial motivation.                                 
This should only have been a local story. Enter here the national networks. N.B.C. obtained a copy of the 911 call Zimmerman made and they edited it  to make it sound like Zimmerman may have had a racial motivation. He was then labeled a “white” Latino. This to fit their liberal template of white man bad/oppressor, black man good/victim. A picture of a much younger Treyvon Martin was shown to make it appear as if he were an innocent child instead of the 6-foot plus teenager that was currently suspended from school. Also absent was his Twitter account which was resplendent with m.f. this and m.f. that .
 Now here comes Al Sharpton, one of the racial entrepreneurs who make their fortunes by keeping alive and creating racial hatred. He goes to Sanford, Fla. to “seek justice” for Treyvon Martin.  
This also fits the template of our current administration. Under Eric Holder, the Deptartment of Justice (ha), sends busloads of protesters to Sanford. So much pressure is exerted, that the chief of police is forced to resign. The racial dividers are winning. The liberal/progressives depend on division on many fronts in order to obtain votes. The President says that if he had a son, he would look like Treyvon.
For 20 years, the president sat under the teachings of Jeremiah Wright who preached black liberation theology which has to do more with the gospel of Karl Marx than it does with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, Jeremiah Wright is not the only black Pastor that teaches this garbage. It is prevalent throughout the black churches. Not all, but many.
There is a disease that infects society in general and much of the black community in particular. Instead of blaming every thing on whitey and racist America, they need to take a look in the mirror. Seventy-two percent of black births are out of wedlock. The fathers are absent in these homes. Many have been convinced they need government programs in order to live and this cuts in to self-reliance, making them subservient to their government masters. Many of the youth refuse to excel in school lest that makes them look like whitey. Instead it’s cooler to adopt an angry gang mentality. It’ a matter of attitude.
I would love to look at all blacks as just another American, my brothers and sisters in keeping with M.L. King’s to “judge a man on the content of his character instead of the color of his skin.” Yet, that door swings both ways. There is an answer to this and everything else. That America return to the true God of salvation, Jesus Christ; not the one taught by the Jeremiah Wrights. Then we will all be one in Christ.
Surprisingly, the Zimmerman jury reached the correct verdict of not guilty due to paying attention to the evidence only.
        Chuck Estridge