You’ve got the power!

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By The Staff

In this week’s issue of the Grant County News, you’ll find a very powerful and hopefully very useful tool.
The 2011 Guide to Grant County - a guide to the people, places and events that make Grant County a good place to live is included in this issue.
The News staff has spent the last few months, and yes, it literally takes months to update all that information, calling, e-mailing, visiting (closely related to stalking) people in our community to bring you the absolute most up-to-date information that’s available.
We know that some of the information might have already changed in the time we “put the Guide to bed” and our printers churned it out, but we believe this Guide is a valuable tool because of all the information it contains.
If you want to rent a shelter at the park - it’s in there. Need to know who your magistrate is - it’s in there. Want to know how much elected officials earn - it’s in there.
The Guide to Grant County is a comprehensive look at living, working, going to school, etc. in Grant County.
We hope you enjoy the publication, but more than that we hope you keep it by your phone or where it can be easily reached and use it as the resource guide it is designed to be. There’s no other book out there like it and it’s absolutely free to the community.
If for some reason, there wasn’t a Guide to Grant County in this issue of the Grant County News, stop by the Grant County News office at 129 S. Main, Suite B (at the front of Hogan’s Mill Subdivision) and pick one up. The guide will also be posted on our Web site at www.grantky.com in the near future.
Take a minute or two to read the Guide and learn about your community. You just might find something in there you didn’t know.