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Where did respect for others go?

Where did respect
for others go?
I would like to commend Deborah Lucas Angel for her recent column “What a waste!”. She was right on the money concerning laziness of shoppers. As an employee of Wal-Mart, I see this everyday. When we find items from the freezer or coolers, we are required by the state to throw these items away. We also throw away any item that the customer leaves at the checkout aisle because they do not want them and do not feel it is their place to put them back where they got them.

This loss results in higher prices on future items. This is a waste and when prices go up customers complain but they are the ones who discard these items. The employees have to take time to pick up these items when they could be doing their jobs of checking out and stocking shelves.

Customers also let their children throw merchandise all over the store and do not attempt to pick it up. This also results in an employee having to take time for their normal job to pick up. Where did manners and respect for others go? As a child, I was told do not touch. We live in a world of disrespect and no one taking responsibility for their actions. If everyone would do their part, this world would be a better place.
Carolyn Switzer