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Arsonists must have
not been thinking

To the person or persons unknown:
What was in your mind the night you torched the 90-year-old building in Grant County Park?
I’m sure there were no thoughts of all the young people who attended that school, nor any interest that the building belonged to a distinguished group of historic structures that were built in the early 20th  century with the help of a generous businessman and by the hard work and contributions of a community who wanted their children to have the opportunity for an education.
You couldn’t have been thinking of how much work and fundraising went into rescuing the building from deterioration and then relocating it where all the community could visit and enjoy it as a part of Grant County history?
Did you have a thought that a relative or friend of yours might have assisted in or donated to that effort? That a family member of yours thought it was a worthwhile project, which you were determined to destroy?
You didn’t care that precious and irreplaceable photographs, documents and keepsakes would be lost?
You certainly did not think of the families that donated historical documents, pictures, furniture and books to the museum only to learn they have been senselessly destroyed.
Did it occur to you that the result of your actions would be heart breaking to the men and women who donated hours and hours of work in creating a museum that housed numerous parcels and pieces of Grant County’s past?
Did you consider how many people are affected by your wanton destruction? Not just the tears that are shed as we look through the rubble to see if anything can be salvaged but the sadness that the entire county shares as we realize there are those out there who will destroy what has been created, regardless of the pain they inflict.
Barbara Brown

Community food drive
needs your support
In many ways our community is coming together to help Helping Hands give to our poor and disadvantaged neighbors. Many businesses are donating to help us purchase hams so people can prepare a good Thanksgiving meal.
Plans are in place so that those who take advantage of our monthly food distribution at Sherman Full Gospel Church can apply for a voucher to receive a free ham two days before Thanksgiving.
Several local churches are sponsoring a food drive for Helping Hands’ pantry. On Nov. 10, they will distribute bags to many homes and neighborhoods. They are asking that these bags be filled with grocery items and placed on their door steps. Then, they will return one week later on Nov. 17 and pick them up. The food will be used to stock our pantry located on Barnes Road in Williamstown.
Two local banks are helping with a food and clothing drive. For each article donated, they will donate $1 to Helping Hands up to a maximum of $350. Hopefully, this will help a lot of people stay warm and fed during a cold winter.
Helping Hands is a local volunteer organization sponsored by many of our local churches. We are grateful for all of the hard-working volunteers and for all the community support. Helping Hands also operates a free food pantry and a free store open on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Barnes Road.
Helping Hands also operates the Thrift Store located on North Main Street in Williamstown.
The community’s continued support is needed and appreciated.
Wil Jones
Helping Hands