A word from our readers 1-6-11

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Thanks for the birthday party
My 100th birthday has been overwhelming! I am deeply grateful for the many, many remembrances of flowers, gifts, foods, money and donations to the Baptist Church and Gideons International given in my honor.
I was most pleased to see all of you at my celebration and thank you for your many years of friendship. You have my love.
Caroline Vice Ransdell

Pet Pictures with Santa a success
The Grant County Friends of the Shelter would like to thank those people who made our “Pet Pictures with Santa” so successful. We would like to thank Tractor Supply for allowing us to use their facility; Tammy Robertson with Studio 25 Pet Salon who helped with some grooming and free samples, Lamar Fowler who patiently played the part of Santa Claus and charmed the animals, all the people who brought their pets for the visit with Santa and left with such nice pictures, Rita Adams who worked so hard to get the ‘perfect picture’, to all the volunteers who helped take donations, print pictures, and encouraged the animals to look at the camera and a great big thank you to all the people who donated money and made our fundraiser so successful.
Brenda Wilson, Rita Adams, Marylee Willoby and Pat Conrad
Grant Co. Friends of the
Shelter officers