Turning Back the Clock 1-20-11

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15 Years Ago

Jan. 18, 1996
According to Williamstown Superintendent Cliff Wallace, Williamstown has missed seven snow days so far. Grant County schools have missed 11 days so far, two for the flu outbreak in early December. Wallace said Williamstown students will probably be in school on President’s Day Feb. 19. Grant County will also be in session of Feb. 19.

Rep. Royce Adams said he wants to hear more about a bill that calls for graduated licensing for drivers under age 21. The bill, introduced by Rep. Jim Gooch Jr., has yet to go before the state house or senate, but legislators think it needs to be seriously examined. The proposal calls for driving students 16 and older to have a learners permit.

25 Years Ago
Jan. 16, 1986
Telesat Communications of Kentucky, Inc. recently completed construction of a signal processing center for its Grant County cable television system. The center is located in Crittenden, and is part of the hardware being installed to provide cable service to Crittenden, Dry Ridge and unincorporated areas in Grant County, which includes more than 1,500 homes.

An adoption ceremony for dolls will be held at the Grant County Courthouse at 11 a.m. Jan. 18. District Judges Stan Billingsley and Stephen L. Bates will preside. Each boy or girl participating in the adoption will receive a certificate of adoption and will take an oath to be a good adoptive parent. Grandparents of the dolls are invited to bring cameras.

50 Years Ago
Jan. 20, 1961
Grant County Fiscal Court passed a resolution setting salaries for various officers elected for the next four-year term. Yearly salaries are as follows: magistrates - $1,200; the county judge - $6,000; county attorney, $1,800; sheriff, $7,200; clerk, $1,800; jailer, $2,400; and coroner, $1,500. Payments will be made in 12 monthly installments.

Fred Mulberry has purchased the Sullivan farm, known as the late Charles Harrison farm at Heekin, and has become the 793rd o-operator of the Grant County Soil Conservation District. Mulberry said he wants a farm plan with land use and soil maps, and intends to start a conservation program on his farm.