Thousands spent on political campaigns

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By Bryan Marshall

Several local politicians raised thousands of dollars in hopes of getting elected during the Nov. 2 general election.

Grant County Judge-Executive Darrell Link, who won re-election by less than 50 votes against Republican challenger Steve Wood, raised and spent the most money.

Link totaled $32,982 in receipts while spending $28,025, according to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance Web site.

Of his receipts, $22,923 was transferred from funds raised during Link’s primary campaign.
Link received contributions from the Grant County Democratic Women’s Club ($500) and the Political Housing Club of Northern Kentucky ($500), as well as a $250 contribution from state Rep. Royce Adams, D-Dry Ridge.

The largest individual donations were for $1,000 from Kurt Keeney of Covington (developer for SSK Company), Nathaniel Smith of Ft. Mitchell (president of SSK Communities) and Alice Sparks of Ft. Mitchell (retired).

Wood raised $6,174, less than one-fifth of the contributions received by Link.

Of his receipts, $575 were transferred from the primary campaign and $3,351 was spent on the race.

Wood received a $600 contribution from the Grant County Republican Party Committee.

His largest individual donations of $500 came from Terry Forcht of Corbin (chairman of Forcht Bank) and Kelly Fulmer of Walton (owner of AQW, Inc.)

In the 2nd district magisterial race, Democratic challenger Wanda Crupper Hammons outraised incumbent Brian Linder, but was outspent by about $800.

Linder filed $2,405 in receipts with KREF, including $600 from the Grant County Republican Executive Committee and $200 from fellow Republican Wood.

Linder distributed $2,027 of the funds raised.

Hammons listed $5,094 in receipts, including $500 from the Grant County Democratic Women’s Club and more than $1,500 in self contributions.

However, Hammons filed that she only spent $1,210 of her receipts.

In the 1st district magisterial race, incumbent Dick Austin and independent challenger Sean Delaney did not have any contributions on file with KREF.

Marylee Willoby, who lost her re-election bid for coroner, raised and spent $4,555, including $500 from the Grant County Women’s Club, $400 from the Grant County Democratic Executive Committee and $2,500 in self contributions. Her largest individual contribution was $500 from Beulah Willoby of Dry Ridge.

Republican Robert McDaniel, who won the coroner’s race, did not have any financial statements on KREF’s Web site.

Democrat Terry Peeples, who won the race for Grant County jailer, filed $3,521 in receipts and disbursements for his campaign contributions.

Peeples received two $500 contributions from the Grant County Democratic Women’s Club and $400 from the Grant County Democratic Executive Committee. He reported $2,121 in self contributions.

Harvey Perleberg, the Republican candidate for jailer, did not have any contribution statements on file.

For more information about campaign contributions or detailed candidate contributions, go to www.kref.state.ky.us.