STLP students provide adult ed opportunities for community

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By Camille McClanahan

Would you like to start the new year in a ‘take charge of your life’ mode? Are you unemployed or an underemployed adult, finding it tough to make ends meet? Perhaps all you need to land that dream job is to sharpen your technology skills and get some tips on business professionalism and resume writing.
Grant County High School Student Technology Leadership students are offering a career technology and professionalism training course free to the community. The five-week course, dubbed Operation Take Charge, will be from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays beginning Jan. 6. All classes will take place at Grant County High School in General Computer Lab room 236.
Although the main focus will be on resume writing, professionalism skills, using/maneuvering the computer and using Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel programs, senior adults who just want to be more adept at sending and receiving e-mail could benefit as well.
“Personally, I would like to see at least one person get a job from the skills they acquire in our course,” Daniel D. Miller, GCHS STLP president said. “There ave over 200,000 people unemployed in Kentucky, that’s over 10 percent, which exceeds the national average.”
Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion and a technology skill bank, which will outline skills they’ve learned from the course for potential employers. All students who meet the following criteria will be entered in a drawing to win a free laptop computer: attend all classes, score 80 percent or greater on the final exam, exhibit a great attitude and turn in all assignments.
The students are providing the laptop, as well as training materials, at their own their own expense, by having fundraisers.
There are five students involved, including Miller, who will serve as an instructor, Jake H. Kinman, also an instructor, Sabrina Prince, a co-instructor/assistant, Daniel Crockett, an assistant and Maryellen Shanklin, who will keep class records using data entry.
Those who may not be unable to commit to a five-week course have the option to schedule appointments with a qualified student volunteer, for one-on-one sessions.
If the course is well-received by the community, other sessions will be scheduled, Miller said.
“As far as numbers go, I would like to fill our class (25 maximum) to at least 85 percent or 21 students,” Miller said. “I would also like to have statistical data, which proves the success of our program, and most importantly, community members who use our resource for help.”
The project was created as part of a STLP Showcase Tournament competition, but according to Miller, winning the tournament is only a small part of their goals.
To enroll in the program, call Miller at 859-314-9812 or e-mail daniel.miller@stu.grant.kyschools.us.