Special Valentines

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Husband is inspiration, rock

My special Valentine is George, my inspiration to keep going and live each day to the fullest. He is my husband, my companion and my rock when obstacles and challenges seem they can never be resolved.

Although, he is permanently disabled, he is the one person I can count on to bring a smile to my face and to tell me that the obstacles and challenges can be overcome with a little effort.

He is in the fifth and final stages of Parkinson’s disease.

He tries to help me as best he can, even if it’s a small chore around the house. He realizes a lot of burden is on me, financially and emotionally, since he became ill.

He is one of a kind; never dwelling on himself, but with such an upbeat attitude, a good sense of humor and his charm has inspired me so much. I just want to let him know how much I love him, and admire his determination to not let his disability consume him.

My life would be meaningless and I would be a train wreck without him in my life. He is an extraordinary human being with such a positive attitude and a heart so big, he can still make family and friends, especially myself, feel comfortable in our own skin.

I hope he will know how much he is loved and appreciated, and how his enthusiasm for life has meant to all the other lives he has touched.

We love you very much, George, and never change who you are: your character and selflessness. Thank you for being who you are and in many ways helping us all without any hesitation.

Sandra Floyd
Dry Ridge