Special Valentines

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Ministry doesn’t stop when church’s door closes

Pastors - Tony and Kim McKinnon
by – Sandi Neace, Williamstown

What other way to appreciate two wonderful people, who came into our family life than Pastor Tony and Kim McKinnon for Valentine’s Day.

What an awesome couple, pastors at the Family Worship Center in Grant County, have done so much for our community in so many ways.

Their ministry doesn’t stop when the church doors close, it only just began, from volunteering in the community to getting our youth in the right places with the right people.

I am not sure I have enough words to express my sincere gratitude and the utmost respect we have for Pastor Tony and Kim.

From the endless Facebook messages of encouragement, to answering all those text messages when you think you are going to pull your last nerve out, reminding you that God will get you through this also. Only true friends rearrange their schedule to drive up the road with you just to talk and go to three different hospitals until they find the right one to come sit with you while you worry over sick ones.

Bringing our church friends up to be a family and not just strangers who meet once a week.

Pouring your heart and soul into everyone you meet, that describes Pastor Tony and Kim.

I hope your committee selects this couple for they are so deserving to be appreciated on this Valentine’s Day.