Special Valentines

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Mother - Kendra Wheelington
by – Jessica Atha, Jonesville

My mother, Kendra Wheelington, is my special Valentine. She is my best friend in the whole world and never fails to be there for me, no matter the circumstances.

My mom has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life and faced a lot of hardship, but she never let that get her down.

Her mother (my grandmother) passed away in her forties after she lost the fight with brain cancer.

My mom always said that she wanted to be as much as she could to my brothers and I, just in case the same were ever to happen to her.

My whole childhood is filled with memories of all the fun times we had. She always made sure that my brothers and I had everything we needed, even when money was tight and hard to come by.

When I was 15 years old, mom decided to fulfill one of her lifetime dreams and go to nursing school.

It was by no means an easy endeavor.

There were many late nights finishing papers and studying, and not to mention the whole time she was raising three children and being a wife to my father.

In 2007, she graduated from Kentucky State University with honors, and was the recipient of the Patsy Turner Award for making a critical decision and saving the life of a patient while she was in clinicals. As a registered nurse, my mom takes care of patients at St. Luke Hospital in Florence.

She’s so much more than just your average nurse though.

She’s an excellent mother to my brothers and I, a devoted wife to my dad and a blessing to the world in general.

There has never been a time in my life that she hasn’t been there to give advice, provide reassurance, or wipe my tears.

Mom had to have surgery at the end of May 2010, just four days before my wedding.

We were afraid that she wouldn’t be healed enough to make it, but when I walked down the aisle, my mom was sitting in the front row on my left, smiling through the pain. She wouldn’t miss it for the world.

My mom deserves so much more than I can give her, and there is no way I could ever pay her back for everything she has done for me. I can only try and remind her just how much I love her and how much she means to me.

That’s what I intend to do in this letter.  Mom, I love you and you are the most amazing woman in the world.