Special Valentines

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Boss helps out in time of need

Boss - Tony Bassi
by – the employees of EZY Stop, Williamstown

The employees of Ezy Stop would like to nominate our boss, Tony Bassi for the special valentine. He took over Ezy Stop here in Williamstown three years ago, leaving his family (which made it hard on his wife and children) to make this business successful for his family and the community.

As many of the locals know, he always helps out in time of need. When the weather gets bad, as it has been many times this winter; if employees need a ride to work, he will come and pick them up, as he knows during this hard time in this economy many of us can’t afford to call off work.

He is a very good guy who deserves a lot of recognition from this community. Many of the locals and his employees would like to nominate Tony Bassi for the special valentine, because if anyone deserves it, he does.