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Nurse fights cancer, but keeps focus on patients

Nurse - Rebecca Ailstock
by – Patty Poor, Crittenden

If you are 24 years old, your life should be carefree and fun. But Rebecca Ailstock faces challenges that the majority of people her age would never think of. Rebecca faces the specter of cancer each day and is reminded of it each day when she looks in the mirror and sees her fluff of hair that is trying to grow back in after surgery to remove a brain tumor and a series of chemo treatments.

Despite the treatments and lack of hair, Rebecca continues to work as a nurse to St. Elizabeth Hospital where she brings a ray of sunshine to each of her patients and their families. I witnessed this first hand recently when a relative of mine was hospitalized. Rebecca even visits with patients on her breaks and comes in on her days off with a homemade cake or treat for her co-workers. Rebecca also plans days to spend time with her many young nieces; what a role model for them. I know that Rebecca grew up in a Christian home and feel that her faith is what keeps her going.

This nomination is not made out of sympathy for Rebecca and her battle with the big “C,” but as a tribute to one that genuinely cares others and gives back.