Special Valentines

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Son-in-law is there; morning, noon, night

I would like to nominate my son-in-law as my special valentine. Estell Hatter is a husband and father and housekeeper. He is disabled because of epilsepsy.

His wife, Melissa, brings in their only income so he babysits his three daughters who are in school, plus a 4-year-old son and a 1 ½-year-old little boy. Estell also looks after his 19-year-old son who is slightly mentally challenged.

Estell had an especially hard year in 2010, both mentally and physically. He had to have a kidney removed because of cancer. His father had been ill for some time and he died. His mother died unexpectedly a few months later. He took care of his stepmother, per his father’s request, for several months.

He looks after me and my husband. He sends us dinner nightly and sometimes a hot breakfast as well. When we need help, we just call Estell. He cannot drive now and does not get out often. I would like him to have a valentine to brighten at least one day for him.

Alisa Brewster