Senate committee hears three bills

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We have just completed the first week of the 2011 Regular Session of the General Assembly.  The Senate immediately got to work on a variety of issues.

Much of the work done in the Senate is done at the committee level and I was appointed to sit on the following Session standing committees: the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee, and the Senate Transportation Committee.
I will also continue my role as chairman of the Senate State and Local Government Committee.

As chair of the State and Local Government Committee, we held hearing on three important bills of which I am the primary sponsor.
Senate Bill 2 would reform the public employee pension system. SB 2 helps put Kentucky on more sound financial footing with a move toward a 401(k)-style plan for future state employees and legislators. This will also help us keep our commitment to both current workers and retirees.
Senate Bill 7, known as the “Taxpayer Transparency Act” requires that all three branches of government and state universities create Web sites where all financial transactions may be viewed by the public. 

Senate Bill 10, known as the “21st Century Bill of Rights” highlights a variety of measures that will protect Kentucky’s sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. SB 10 would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to prevent citizens from being forced into a federal health plan, prevent healthcare providers from being forced to perform abortions, protect the right to hunt, require any expansion of gambling be done so through a vote of the people, prevent environmental extremists from ending coal mining, and affirm the free practice of religion, such as posting the 10 Commandments in public venues.

In addition to these bills, the Senate voted for measures that would allow the public to review bills dealing with government spending or taxation, clamp down on Medicaid fraud, and require a woman to have more counseling before electing to have an abortion.
(Senator Thayer represents the 17th Senate District which includes southern Kenton County, and all of Grant, Owen and Scott counties.)