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Jan. 24

Rebecca C. May, 49, of Dry Ridge to Ty Anthony Thompson, 48, of Richmond, Indiana

Jan. 31

Destiny Marie Lee Fleckinger, 26, of Williamstown to Vincent Michael Gulino, 32, of Williamstown

Feb. 4

Haley Lynn Kendall, 25, of Williamstown to Andrew Philip Jones, 24, of Williamstown

Feb. 8

Jean Elizabeth Roll, 46, of Dry Ridge to Woody Earl Patrick, 57, of Dry Ridge

Jaclyn Christina Hardin, 33, of Berry to Reid Simon Murphy, 31, of Berry

Feb. 12

Amberly Dawn Whaley, 29, of Williamstown to William John Regensburger, 30, of Williamstown

Feb. 19

Samantha Jo Hensley, 18, of Corinth to Christopher Owen Lee Howe, 19, of Corinth

Holly Lynn Grogan, 45, of Butler to Leslie Carl Emerson, 48, of Crittenden

Feb. 20

Meggan Marie Dawson, 31, of Crittenden to Randall Duane Brown, 44, of Crittenden



Jan. 28

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance v. Daniel Sentney, breach of contract

Feb. 1

Joseph Mahoney v. Kelli Mahoney, dissolution of marriage

Feb. 4

Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Brent Link, breach of contract

Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation v. John Sheriff, foreclosure

Feb. 6

David E. Kohl v. Krista A. Kohl, dissolution of marriage

Pioneer Credit Company v. Jeffrey Tackett, breach of contract

Feb. 8

Kenneth Anthony Kirk v. Samantha Jo Kirk, dissolution of marriage

Feb. 11

Forcht Bank v. Donna A. Brummett, et al, foreclosure

Americredit Financial Services v. Candie Fraine, breach of contract

Feb. 12

Danny Thomas v. Timothy J. Thomas, et al, breach of contract

Feb. 14

Community Trust Bank, Inc. v. Bijan, Inc., et al, foreclosure

Feb. 15

Midland Funding LLC v. Steven Spahn, breach of contract

Feb. 18

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. v. Christopher Adams, breach of contract

Feb. 19

Capital One Bank v. Douglas Sargent, breach of contract

Feb. 20

Sarah Theresa Sanchez v. Bulmaro Sanchez Regalardo, dissolution of marriage

CBC Settlement Funding v. C. Saylor, breach of contract


Property Transfers

Jan. 24

Sherman Estates Inc. to SCI Sherman Estates MHP LLC, Old Lexington Pike Loop 1, $1.7 million

Jan. 25

Evelyn Crump, Evelyn Rutherford, Elza Franklin Crump and Elva Franklin Crump to Daniel Gohman, Rhonda Howe and Dale Howe, 29.774 acres Lawrenceville Road, $190,000

Linda L. Anglin to William Anglin Jr., 10 acres Lincoln Ridge Road, $100,000

Jan. 30

Nancy Fay Rodgers to Doyle Cain, two parcels Lebanon Road, $90,000

Tammy Chavez-Medina, Carlos Chavez, Patrick M. Perleberg and Melissa Perleberg to Corey Dawson and Kimberly Dawson, 15.34 acres Stone School House Road, $50,000

Charles Glen Martin and Kim Martin to Stephen A. Martin, 12.395 acres Cynthiana Road, $20,000

Troy D. Collins to Troy D. Collins and Jessica A. Smith, three tracks Sipple Road, $29,100

Feb. 1

William B. Stacey, Linda Stacey, Debra Billington, Arthur Francis Billington, Diane Stacey and Diane Adam to Brandon M. Hess and Krisandra M. Hess, Brumb Ack Subdivision, $41,000

Ben Krupp and Lara Krupp to Pat Richter and Ruth Richter, Ashcraft Lane, $11,500

Ben Krupp and Lara Krupp to Pat Richter and Ruth Richter, Oral Ashcraft Subdivision, $20,000

Feb. 2

Anthony Baker and Nancy Baker to Kenneth W. Ball and Amber Lynn Ball, Claiborne Estates, $210,000

Feb. 4

Chalmer Lee Williams Jr. and Joy H. Williams to Christopher Ray Robinson, 1 acres Little Sugar Creek Road, $20,000

Feb. 6

Francis X. Seibert Jr. and Carolyn S. Seibert to KALC LLC, 50 acres Mason Road, $55,000

John Nelson and Carol Nelson to Austin Paul Long and Debbie Long, 27.75 acres KY-22, $117,000

Feb. 7

Tricia Ellen Jones and John Jones to Danny Joseph Ecklar, Woodyard Subdivision, $90,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Sterling Stamper and Beverly Stamper, E-Z St. Dry Ridge, $13,500

Josh Deters to Jesus Cabrera, Summerfield Subdivision, $225,000

Feb. 8

McCahrid Properties to Riviera Properties LLC, McCahrid Subdivision, $562,500

Michael McColl and Heather McColl to Richard W. Skinner and Sally M. Skinner, 1 town lot Williamstown, $85,000

John S. Ruthven and Regina E. Ruthvan, Harbour Pointe Subdivision, $110,000

John E. O’Brien Estate to Red Hawk Ridge LLC, two tracts containing 17.42 acres Violet Road, $440,000

Feb. 12

Morgan H. McCoy and Greg Moss to James Q. Opperman and Christine M. Opperman, Crown Point Subdivision, $362,500

Terry Jacobs and Angela Jacobs to April Webster, Lakeview Manor, $116,500

Midfirst Bank to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, James Add., $33,400

Feb. 13

Steven W. Aulbach and Karen M. Aulbach to Thomas Shane Tucker Estate, 10.065 acres Mann Road, $70,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Andrew Kohler and Ellen Kohler, Greenview Estates Subdivision, $101,900

Justin Moore and Felisa Moore to Austin M. Sebald, Steers Estates, $197,000

Cindy M. Reynolds, Daniel L. Reynolds, Larry G. Whitton and Anita Rana Whitton to Victoria Partin, 9.909 acres KY-22, $72,000

Feb. 14

V. James Sallee and Monica M. Sallee to PFLP LLC, two lots Main Street, $255,000

Monica M. Sallee and Vernon James Sallee to PFLP LLC, lot N. Main St., $100,000

Feb. 15

Francis X. Seibert and Carolyn S. Seibert to Jerry D. Caldwell and Kristie A.Caldwell, 7.79 acres Mason Road, $25,000

Feb. 18

McCahrid Properties to Akram A. Othman and Amani A. Othman, McCahrid Subdivision, $75,000

Brian Marksberry to Kimberly J. Vance, Lot on KY-36, $24,000

Feb. 19

Brandi (Marcum) Sipple and Travis Sipple to Michael D. Monday, .282 acres Falmouth St. $133,000

Feb. 20

Westmark Properties LLC to Wannicka B. Fox and David L. Fox, Brentwood Subdivision, $147,000

RHW Properties LLC to City of Crittenden, 2 parcels N. Main St., $235,000

Feb. 21

Robert Leffler and Kristen Leffler to Twenty-One Properties LLC, .0508 acre Main St. Dry Ridge, $1

Feb. 21

Paul Knarr and Lori Knarr to Daniel Kyle Knarr and Dallas Ann Knarr, Grantland Estates, $93,000