Policies must help create jobs

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The General Assembly returned to full session this week in Frankfort and the Senate continued to focus on initiatives that will protect taxpayer dollars and the unborn.
On Tuesday, we began the legislative week with the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth Address where the Governor Beshear discussed Kentucky’s budgetary status. I have concerns with the Governor’s plan to move Medicaid funds from the 2012 year back to the 2011 year to solve the current Medicaid shortfall. Kentuckians have sent a clear message to their elected officials that they don’t want short term accounting tricks to simply delay the real problem for a few months. If we are going to turn the economic tide in Kentucky, we must be willing to enact policy changes that will make our state friendlier to business and the jobs it can create.
After the speech, the Senate introduced a plan to trim legislative costs this session. By adjusting the legislative schedule, we can eliminate six days of legislative pay that could save the state almost $400,000. This will still allow us to get the work done we need to during the session, while also respecting our budgetary situation. It is my hope the House will go along with the idea and the plan can be implemented.
On Thursday, the annual Right-to-Life Rally took place at the Capitol.  It was wonderful to see so many Kentuckians from all corners of the state come to show their support for the unborn.  One of the key points of the rally was to urge the House to pass Senate Bill 9. I was proud to co-sponsor SB 9, an informed consent bill that will ensure face-to-face meetings between a woman considering an abortion and her doctor. Currently, such counseling is often available only in the form of a recorded message. SB 9 will require doctors to make available ultrasound images of the unborn baby to the mothers. My hope is that this process will make women reconsider the life altering decision they are considering.
As always, I look forward to hearing from you.
(You can contact Sen. Thayer at damon.thayer@lrc.ky.gov. or 1-800-372-7080).