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‘Ken Care’

By Ken Stone

One of those multiple addressed emails came to me recently that stated how bad Obama was for giving bridge jobs to the Chinese and how it was yet another of his attempts at messing up American lives like his Iraq and Afghan wars.

Did he start those decade long mutilating dollar-draining wars?   But, the email was precise in stating that the Chinese bridge building story was true because Diane Sawyer said so and she’s one of those big news people unlike those fake news people like Jon Stewart.
I thought I should probably familiarize myself more before jumping on the “hate” wagon so I went to one of the many fact-checking sites.

It did not take long to realize that the angry email that was sent to me was based upon the widening dumbing down of America by the age of hacked videos or by enemies of America using social networking instead of strap-on bombs.

I used factcheck.org.  I can see some goofy person right now thinking that they would prefer to use their prejudices and hate rather than spend the time to find the answers that they don’t want to hear.

I received an email from someone else that I know that also had some kind of anger to share.  In this case I did not read any further to discover the source of irritation because of the irritation I had when I read, “If this is true then…”

I had to reply.  “If…if this is true?”  You sent this out to a couple dozen other email addresses saying, “If this is true?”  You don’t know if it is true and you are shocked and angry about it?  And you use such stupid logic to place a vote on a candidate?

The sender, after getting my reply, did send me another message saying that indeed they should have taken the time to check out the story before passing it on. This was a very noble gesture because most people don’t reply.

I received an email with the photo of a mutilated soldier along with copy about enormous perks that senators and congressmen received.  Again, I did some research. I really wanted the information to be true because I love to hate senators and congressmen.
I knew many would get angry seeing the photo and reading the copy.

That’s what enemies of America do. They stir your emotion with the photo and then they can say anything that’s untrue.
My research again showed that the email that was being so quickly spread around with the message, “please send this to 20 friends,” was once again hatred based propaganda.

How many of us use 2:32 minute videos to make judgments?
Someone was telling me that Obama care should be repealed. I asked why and they said it would bankrupt America to which I asked, “What about it will do that.”
“The cost,” they said.

I’ve also checked up on Obama Çare at the factcheck.org site.  I wanted to know more about it since so many people seemed so afraid of it.  On the surface, from what I knew, some of the things sounded good.

I liked the idea that American children could have health care.  I liked the plan that protected those with serious health issues from being dropped by their service providers. I liked the idea that, after paying an insurance provider for 40 years, if I got sick they could not drop me because they didn’t want to pay out the money.

But I wasn’t so sure how many other areas of the Obama plan worked and I did some investigation.  My first thought was, let’s keep what works and fix what doesn’t work. Partisan politics has too often thrown out everything to implement the same thing or something with the same good and the same bad problems, all in the name of the party and not in the good of Americans.

What I discovered when I researched Obama Care was very interesting.  It made me come up with my own idea for a health care plan. I call it the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  If someone tells you it will take 50 percent of all government spending then they need to do some of their own research.

If someone tells you my Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which I’ve dubbed “Ken Care,” will burden small businesses with financial responsibilities then I’ve got to say you are wrong.
But rather than burden me with coming up with a plan I suggest you spend some time, maybe up to ten minutes, and do some research of your own.

Don’t let the attraction of wanting to hate get in the way of finding the truth.
(Ken Stone is publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 859-824-3343 or at kstone@grantky.com)