Our Opinion 12.30.10

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Thank you for your service

By The Staff

Public service is defined as “the business of supplying an essential commodity or service to the general public.”

Grant County has been fortunate to have people who are willing to step up and serve the public.

Elected officials are paid for their work, but in most cases they don’t do it for the money, but rather the act of giving back to their community.

Being an elected official can’t be an easy job.

Public officials must be good at public relations, handling/balancing budgets, dealing with employee issues and human relations.  They operate under a great deal of public scrutiny and the public has high expectations and demands for them.

Sometimes the hours are long and appreciation is lacking. It all comes with the territory of being a public servant.

We admire those willing to run for public office. It’s not for the faint of heart.

As this year closes, Grant County will say goodbye to Marylee Willoby, who served as Grant County Coroner for over 20 years and to Steve Kellam, who was jailer for the last eight years, as well as to Gayle Cayton, a long-time member of Crittenden City Council and most recently served as Crittenden mayor.

Willoby and Kellam were defeated in the November election and Cayton decided not to seek re-election.

Another long time mayor, Glenn Caldwell, mayor of Williamstown, will be moving into a new role as a council member after he opted not to run for mayor, but won a seat on city council.

Whether you liked or didn’t like or agreed or disagreed with any or all of these officials, you’ve got to give them credit for the time they served and for having courage to be an elected official.

Thank you for your service.

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