News launches new Web site

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The Grant County News’ Web site has gotten a much needed, much improved facelift and we hope you’ll like its new look and additional features.
The new Web site format is not only visually more appealing, but also the news content and information are easier to find. We’ve also made it much easier to submit photos and news items, including engagement, wedding, birth and anniversary  announcements, community events, letters to the editor, news tips and sports news.
We also have several slide shows featuring local events such as Santa’s Wonderland, Shop With A Cop and local basketball action.
Readers now have the opportunity to purchase photos straight from our Web site.
The site also has video capabilities and the staff is learning how to shoot videos of local events and post them for your enjoyment.
There are also new ways to interact with the News and with the community on our site. We currently have one community blogger - Brian Melton, who writes about all things blue (meaning UK basketball.) It might be a little hard to find Brian’s blog because it posts under the name of the staff member posting it, but this is a technical difficulty we are working to fix.
We’re actually looking for others in the community who are interested in blogging for our new site. To find out more call Jamie at 859-824-3343 or by email at jbakernantz@grantky.com.
Readers can also comment on every story the News posts and you can participate in more detailed discussions about the news and other things happening in and around Grant County in our reader forums.
We’re also making our newspaper available in a new way through an E-edition, which is available at www.grantky.com. It is an exact electronic reproduction of the printed edition, complete with all the news, sports and advertisements from your favorite retailers.
To stay apprised of all the latest breaking news, you can also sign up to our newsletter on the Web site.
Readers can also submit their favorite pets for “Our Pet of the Week” feature. Go to www.grantky.com to find out more.
Keep in mind that we’re still adjusting to the changes and there are a few bugs to be worked out and we’re working on those. We encourage you to check out the site and let us know what you think - yes, the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to know so we can improve to better serve you. The purpose behind the change is to make it easier for our readers to access local news and information.
We believe the new Web site will help us improve our coverage and we want you to be part of it. Log on to www.granky.com and check us out. We think you’ll like what you see.