NBA Full of Cats

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I have an undying love of the NBA and its’ style of basketball.  Frankly, I find it rather boring and am bothered with the nonchalance the players seem to play with until the fourth quarter every night.  Sure, when the playoffs get started the game action improves tremendously, but for my money nothing can beat college basketball. 

So why have I spent the last two weeks checking out a ton of NBA action during my satellite provider’s free preview of NBA League Pass?  The answer is really simple…there is a Kentucky Wildcat seemingly on every NBA roster these days and if anything is going to make me even think of watching pro basketball, it’s the opportunity to see my favorite former Cats on the basketball court. 

Kentucky ranks second amongst all colleges with 15 former players on NBA rosters behind some school I won’t mention. (Trust me, you wouldn’t like it if I did)  The list stretches all the way back to my college days in Lexington with Nazr Mohammed, now with the Oklahoma City Thunder, to last year’s fan favorite Josh Harrellson who took his jorts to the New York Knickerbockers. 

There are so many UK alums that some teams even have a two for one special going on this season.  My all-time favorite Wildcat Tayshaun Prince is teamed up with Brandon Knight in Detroit and fan favorites Chuck Hayes and DeMarcus Cousins are teammates in Sacramento. 

Unfortunately, I also found out that a lot of our favorites play on really bad teams.  The Pistons and Kings are just not good.  John Wall’s squad at UK would dominate his current Wizard’s team. And who would have ever thought that Eric Bledsoe might be on the best team of the bunch when he was drafted by the historically awful Clippers two seasons ago. 

Look, in my book, the NBA is never going to provide anything close to the level of excitement that college basketball does, but at least now with so many former Kentucky stars in the league you have a reason to watch.  And if you are like me, college basketball’s hiatus from March until November seems longer every year, so why not fill the void with our favorite UK basketball players from years past.