Move it - or lose it!

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By The Staff

When the snow starts falling, the snow plows come out, but they can’t clean your street or road if you and your neighbors park in their way.
According to Mark Courtney, street supervisor for the city of Williamstown, people parking along the side of roads or too close to the edge of the road means the snow plows can’t effectively move the snow or salt the roads.
Courtney said it’s always a problem this time of year.
“People want us to be able to clean their roads in a timely manner so they can get where they need to go, but they can’t park in our way,” Courtney said.
Most cities have penalities for drivers parking on the right of way.
In Dry Ridge, city streets are marked with signs reminding drivers not to park on the roads during snow emergencies.
The problem occurs when the snow or ice comes in the middle of the night and the road crews come out before the motorist is up and can move the car.
If the owner of the vehicle isn’t located, a police officer can have the vehicle towed and then the owner will have to pay to get it back.
The best rule of thumb with winter in Kentucky - check the weather report and then decide  where you should park.
On a lighter note, as the old saying goes “if you don’t like the weather in Kentucky, just stay awhile and it could change.”
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