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House sets agenda priorities

The House passed several bills that have been at the top of our agenda for this session.
House Bill 305 is considered our budget adjustment bill that will help address the state’s Medicaid shortfall. Specifically it would move $166.6 million from next year’s Medicaid budget to this year’s budget. House Bill 305 passed by a vote of 80-19 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.
House Bill 225, called the Graduation Bill, passed by a vote of 91-8. Nearly 6,000 Kentucky students dropped out in 2009 and nearly 26 percent of adults statewide do not have a high school diploma. House Bill 225 would gradually increase the state’s dropout age from 16 to 18 by the year 2012.
We passed House Bill 58, which would require the use of an ignition lock to prevent people convicted of drunk driving from being able to start their cars if they have been drinking.
The House also passed HB 35 to allow domestic violence victims in dating relationships to seek protective orders from a court. House Bill 35 cleared the House by a vote of 93-3.
Other legislation that cleared the House includes:
• I sponsored HB 202, which provided that the driving skills test for applicants with military service who have experience operating commercial–sized motor vehicles would be waived. An amendment to the bill called for the applicant to file for CDL license within 90 days of release from military service.
• House Bill 70, proposed a constitutional amendment, which passed by a vote of 77-21, would restore voting rights after felons complete their sentences and probation.
• HB 166 is another bill to promote Kentucky agricultural products and the Kentucky Proud Program.  The bill passed with a vote of 92-0.

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(Royce Adams is the State Representative for the 61st District.)