KHSAA State Wrestling Championshps

Just arrived on press row for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's 49th Annual Wrestling State Championships at Alltech Arena in Lexington.

Grant County High School junior wrestler Cody Miskell is getting ready for the tournament. His match is bout 218 and will be facing Johnathan Beagley of Perry County Central.

Miskell is experincing his first state wrestling tournament and is the first representative for GCHS in the two-year program's history.

"It just seems like another tournament," Miskell said. "I don't feel any different."

Updated 10:12 a.m.

Matches are underway. Miskell is match 218 so it is going to be a while before he goes.

The opening ceremony was playing the theme from Superman and gave you a sense of the Olympics. Here is a photo of Miskell from the ceremony. About to go head up to wear Miskell and some of Grant County's wrestlers that came in support of Miskell.

Updated 11:08 a.m.

Just got back down to press row after sitting with coach Matt Shearer and Miskell's parents.

Braves wrestlers Austin Gripshover, Seth Shearer, Cody Puckett and Brandon Stubbs traveled down here to give Miskell support.

With still nearly 140 matches before Miskell wrestles, he sits in the stands focusing on his first-round match, by listening to music on his iPod.

"When it gets to like the 170th match, Cody and I will head down to start warming up," coach Shearer said.

Shearer said he likes where Miskell is in the brackets and feels if Miskell stays focused, he should do really well.

Mason Franck from Campbell County and Colin Patrick are on other ends of the bracket, which means Miskell wouldn't have to face one of them until the fourth round versus Patrick and the championship match with Franck.

Updated 12:25 p.m.

Former Grant County Brave Stephan Myers defeated Tyler Krebs of North Oldham. Will have results once they are posted on www.khsaa.org.

Updated 1:17 p.m.

Just went to the warm up mat to talk with Miskell. He is doing some warm ups, but said the real physical warm up would be once the matches get near the 215 range. Right now match 183 the highest match to point. Will shoot some photos of Miskell warming up and coach Shearer motivating him before his match.

Updated 2:47 p.m.

Cody Miskell lost his bout with Johnathan Beagley Perry County Central 3-2. Miskell stalled and lost a couple of points due to stalling and is now in the second round consolation bracket. He will now be in bout 445, which should be around 5 p.m. I will send an update after I talk with Cody and coach.

Updated 3:08 p.m.

Here are the results of the first round:


2012 KHSAA State Wrestling Championship

Alltech Arena, KY Horse Park

February 17-18, 2012

Championship - 1st round

Weight: 106

Davon Adams (CENT) def Alex Lee (MEAD), Fall 2:51

Luke Rearic (LAFA) def Cody Stephens (MCCR), Dec 10-6

Colin Roth (WV) def Chris McKenna (SOLD), Dec 10-9

Robb Dezember (UNIO) def Henry Crowdus (JOHA), Fall 2:19

Jerimiah Kline (TRIG) def Nathan Thompson (DESA), Dec 4-3

Elijah Owens (SK) def Tyler Simpson (NOLD), Fall 3:07

Tucker Hurst (WOOD) def Cecil Nevels (WAYN), Fall 5:23

Kyle Edlin (LARU) def Michael Beets (STX), Fall 1:23

Mike Whalen (HENC) def Jeff Moreman (JEFF), M-Dec 11-3

Nicolas Douglas (SOUT) def Tim Poynter (MOOR), Dec 11-4

Caleb Austin (CHCO) def Lucas McCain (BOYL), Dec 10-3

Logan Erdman (RYLE) def Brad Collwell (PECC), Fall 3:40

Brady Emerson (OLDC) def Steven Maggard (CACO), Dec 7-5

Tyler Ward (APOL) def Hunter Baum (HOLO), Fall 0:16

Danten Rice (TRIN) def Rayvin Edayan (FTKN), Dec 7-3

Geordon Blanton (JOHN) def Nathan Lopez (HARC), Fall 1:18

Weight: 113

Jason Hall (MOOR) def Justin Torgerson (LAFA), Fall 4:28

J.J. Killebrew (CHCO) def Brent Taylor (BOON), Fall 1:10

Andrew Ackley (NELS) def Christian Bautista (SOUT), Dec 9-4

Jake Bargo (SPCO) def J. D. Criswell (WAYN), Fall 0:23

John Hernandez (HENC) def Donavan Bentley (PICC), Fall 0:38

Juan Ramirez (WEST) def Nick Coffell (CEHA), Dec 7-3

Chase Boone (OHIO) def Brian Spahr (CACO), Fall 0:51

John Shirkey (OLDC) def Nick Smart (STX), Fall 1:42

Trae Blackwell (UNIO) def Tanner Mouser (LARU), T-Fall 16-1

Joel Soriano (BOUR) def Daniel Segal (MANU), Fall 0:47

Hudson Heidorf (NOLD) def Wyatt Kirk (ASHL), Fall 1:06

Chris Abernathy (MEAD) def Dale Hensley (SCOT), Fall 0:55

Kyle Shults (NHAR) def Nick Glass (PRP), Fall 3:09

Coty Hunt (FRCO) def Dylan Francis (JOHN), Fall 1:12

Steven Matheny (TRIN) def Chris Elliot (JEFF), Fall 2:28

Gus Adams (RYLE) def Derek Miller (PDTI), T-Fall 16-1

Weight: 120

Corbin Nye (SPCO) def Jared Lynum (CENT), Def DFLT

Bradley Pokuta (NHAR) def Asa Odoms (CHCO), Dec 8-5

Wade Beeler (MEAD) def Cameron Nevels (WAYN), M-Dec 18-8

Garth Yenter (CACO) def Jalen Longstreet (BRST), Fall 1:51

Keegan North (RYLE) def Keegan Duncan (NOLD), Dec 4-1

Austin Miller (DESA) def Wesley Chambers (LAW), Forf FORF

Lydell Dyess (HOP) def Lane Bicknell (ANCO), Fall 3:52

Anthony Shirley (HARC) def Andrew Segal (MANU), Dec 7-6

Nick Paden (LARU) def Jordan Justice (SHCL), Fall 1:55

Connor Wilkerson (OLDC) def Max Korfhage (STX), T-Fall 15-0

Clay Brown (WV) def Brad Milford (PDUN), Dec 12-5

Brian Crawley (SOUT) def B.J. Miller (OHIO), Fall 1:21

John Siler (WHCO) def Donte Rhodes (DOSS), T-Fall 19-3

Joey Parrott (SK) def Riley Hawes (EAST), T-Fall 17-1

Bobby Poynter (MOOR) def Angel Vasquez (LAFA), Dec 13-8

Jeff Wurth (UNIO) def Jared Coffell (CEHA), Fall 1:56

Weight: 126

Roy Bisenius (SOLD) def Jordan Diamond (FTKN), Fall 0:32

Karlan Groves (CENT) def Alex Wright (BOUR), Fall 3:01

Colton Elkins (DESA) def Daniel Ingram (TRIG), Dec 6-1

TJ Ruschell (RYLE) def Patrick Coots (PECC), Fall 1:01

Wyatt Overman (CEHA) def Jacob Brett (NEWP), Dec 14-8

Wade Willen (UHA) def AJ Roberson (PRP), Fall 1:24

Ian Kahl (TRIN) def Colton Mott (HARC), Fall 0:16

Nick King (EAST) def Zach Bybee (WAYN), Fall 1:28

Clyde Newcommer (MONT) def Francisco Rodriguez (WEST), Fall 4:49

Daniel Lannum (DANV) def Sean Burke (MALE), Fall 4:45

Anthony Castellano (DIXI) def Sam Griffith (JOHN), Fall 2:59

Brock Ervin (UNIO) def Dylan Vish (STX), M-Dec 18-5

Trevor Smith (SOUT) def Tanner Ward (APOL), T-Fall 17-1

Sean Fausz (CACO) def Chris McDaniel (ANCO), Fall 3:15

Cam Bryant (OLDC) def Isiah Copley (ASHL), Fall 5:51

Jesus Rosado (MOOR) def David Tudri (HENC), Fall 3:11

Weight: 132

Lazaro Berenguer (SOUT) def Adam Rivera (MOOR), M-Dec 17-6

Kenneth Sells (CHCO) def Damon Reed (WOOD), Dec 8-6 (OT)

Drew Harris (SK) def Brad Williams (PECC), Fall 3:36

Tyler Kaelin (OLDC) def Dennis Swift (NELS), Fall 1:04

Justin Lampe (STX) def John Reitenaur (NOLD), Fall 2:47

Corbin Woods (CACO) def Brandon Gibson (LETC), Fall 2:43

David Sahms (FTCA) def Anthony Smith (BRST), Fall 1:32

Raymundo Perez (LARU) def Ricky Standafer (DESA), Dec 8-5

Roderick Agyeman (FRCO) def Shawn Stacey (SHCL), Fall 3:59

Jordan Thomas (PRP) def Brock Moore (MANU) Forf

Tino Velez (SOLD) def Austin Dillow (ANCO), Dec 7-5 (OT)

Corey Ahern (RYLE) def Chris Gilkey (CALD), T-Fall 17-2

Josh Jude (JOHN) def Patrick Higgins (WV), Fall 2:20

Alex Burke (MALE) def Cody Webb (TRIN), Dec 6-3

Garrett Kenealy (MEAD) def Cody Mardis (CEHA), M-Dec 10-1

Jayce Carr (UNIO) def Terrell Roberts (HARC), Fall 1:47

Weight: 138

Justin Wynne (PDTI) def Cristian Salas (CENT), Fall 5:48

Shane White (WOOD) def TW Stockton (ANCO), Fall 3:56

Jake Sander (RYLE) def Chad Edwards (PRP), Fall 5:28

Pedro Ruiz (WAYN) def Clint Singleton (EAST), M-Dec 14-3

John Fahy (TRIN) def Byrce Dean (SHCL), Fall 1:18

Collin Taylor (DOSS) def Austin Jackson (DIXI), Dec 9-3

Andre Dean (FTKN) def Matt Maxted (WHIL), Fall 3:56

Loren Avera (NOLD) def Isaac Lawson (HOP), Dec 10-4

Marquis Fleet (JOHA) def Kevin Roberts (SK), Fall 1:08

Dominic Lampe (STX) def Kevi Matlock (CHCO), M-Dec 11-2

Zach Thompson (BELF) def Brandon Cleveland (FERN), Dec 8-7

Reece Melotte-Nowland (FAIR) def Rafael Vasquez (LAFA), Fall 1:46

Paul Hamilton (CACO) def Jacobi Reed (WEST), Fall 5:02

Ridley Prewitt (MANU) def Josh Caudill (JOHN), Dec 8-6

Chad Gahafer (UNIO) def Nick McIntosh (OLDC), Dec 8-3

Tevon Clay (FRCO) def Andrew Lee (CEHA), T-Fall 24-7

Weight: 145

Kevin Cooper (SK) def A'asin Brown (SENA), Fall 2:12

Zack Cope (BOYL) def Trey Norton (FAIR), M-Dec 12-4

Josh Phillips (MCCR) def Marshall Aiken (TATE), Fall 5:43

Mitch Rusch (NOLD) def Ryan Gallogly (TRIG), Fall 3:30

Clayton Smith (TRIN) def Alex Mack-Crittendon (FERN), Fall 0:50

Jonathan Green (LAFA) def Devin Morrow (WAYN), Fall 3:47

Korland Maguire (MEAD) def Tyler Elmore (CEHA), M-Dec 16-4

Kory Polley (CHCO) def Trent Presnell (COOP), Dec 10-3

Eric Spencer (ANCO) def Chance Neace (PECC), Fall 1:34

Logan Jones (WV) def Mikey Smith (MOOR), Dec 9-7 (OT)

Kegan Agnew (CALD) def Loc Vo (MALE), Fall 1:30

Corey McCall (WOOD) def Alvaro Aguilar (PRP), Fall 1:00

Jordan Young (JOHN) def Kyle Perkins (FRCO), Dec 6-2

Kody DeSpain (STX) def Jake Ing (SPCO), M-Dec 10-1

Johnny Meiman (RYLE) def Colton Hall (UHA), Dec 6-4

Quincy Jacobs (SOUT) def Mason Ray (LARU), Fall 3:43

Weight: 152

Tyler Goldman (FAIR) def Darien Bauer (PECC), Dec 12-6

Gabe McIlrath (MONT) def Nick Waits (CEHA), Dec 3-1

Taylor Eschan (COOP) def Derek Kopecky (OLDC), Fall 1:12

Max Haddad (STX) def Joe Sisco (GRAV), Fall 1:18

Jimmy Preston (JOHN) def Ben Humphrey (MANU), Fall 3:04

Lane Jones (WV) def Kolton Hansgen (EAST), Fall 1:28

Jordan Doyle (WOOD) def Zack Perry (ANCO), Dec 12-7

Cameron Montgomery (UHA) def Tony Redemann (NUBL), Fall 1:11

Kody Wade (BOYL) def Ryan Stevens (SK), Dec 7-5

Luke Troxell (WAYN) def Robbie Valdez (HOLO), M-Dec 15-3

Jake Risinger (UNIO) def Keith Bray (MOOR), M-Dec 15-5

Shawn Tobin (HARC) def Ty Bennett (JEFF), Fall 2:44

Stephan Myers (CACO) def Tyler Krebs (NOLD), Fall 0:10

Larry Sammons (MCCR) def Ricky Caicedo (TRIN), Fall 1:08

Kyle Bunch (OHIO) def Chris Cash (SOUT), Dec 7-5 (OT)

Erik Pina (FRCO) def Marshall Cox (NHAR), Dec 5-0

Weight: 160

Chase Rusch (NOLD) def Dallin Tritapoe (BOYL), M-Dec 14-0

Omar Jarvis (CENT) def Scotty Partin (WHCO), T-Fall 24-7

Dustin Turner (CACO) def Jackson Avant (LAFA), M-Dec 15-4

Beau Sheffer (UNIO) def Ligo Pio (FAIR), M-Dec 14-5

Shawn Hull (LARU) def Ross Lee (APOL), Fall 1:11

Jacob Clark (SK) def Jared Daniels (MONT), M-Dec 12-4

Brandon Pledger (STX) def D.J. Perriman (MCCR), Dec 10-4

Blake O'Neil (SOUT) def Craig Lucas (EAST), Fall 2:36

Brent Hitchings (TRIN) def Cole Craven (TATE), Fall 2:33

Wade Holtzclaw (JOHA) def Addison Deckard (OLDC), Fall 4:31

Jonah Shacklett (MEAD) def Nathan Williams (HOP), Fall 1:14

Ryan Sowder (SCOT) def Roger Bivens (PECC), Fall 2:15

Wyatt Courtney (WOOD) def Jacob Warwick (CONN), T-Fall 20-4

Ki Ryder (FTCA) def Jake Vincent (ANCO), Dec 5-4

Haziel Lopez (JEFF) def Jordan Willenborg (HOLO), Dec 8-6

Tyler Simpson (WAYN) def Kenny Keller (MOOR), Dec 6-5

Weight: 170

Sam Willbanks (MOOR) def Zac Thompson (PDTI), Fall 0:24

Casey Mink (WAYN) def Rhodes Bell (DANV), Dec 5-4

Seron Martin (JEFF) def Cody Hoskins (MEAD), Dec 10-4

Ryan Mosher (MADC) def Chris Risch (DIXI), Fall 3:50

Charlie Courtney (CALL) def Zach Rolland (MONT), M-Dec 18-5

Brennen Boykin (EAST) def David Jean (WEST), Dec 15-8

Richard Perriman (MCCR) def Cody Floyd (CEHA), Dec 10-8

Hiero Chamblee (SK) def Marlon Torriente (SENA), Fall 2:52

Caleb Canter (LARU) def Austin Gurrero (MALE), Fall 1:36

Steven Stickrod (TRIN) def Kane Morris (UNIO), Fall 5:24

Eli Mattews (CACO) def Nathan Moore (HENC), M-Dec 18-4

Jake Maupin (FAIR) def Grant Krueger (ASHL), Fall 1:16

Dylan Marksberry (NOLD) def Mike Saunders (BUCE), Fall 3:46

Chad Goodrich (WOOD) def Clay Revelett (CALD), Fall 1:33

Noah Bauer (STX) def Braden Jones (BOON), Dec 15-8

J.J. Jude (JOHN) def Steven Traylor (FTKN), Fall 1:51

Weight: 182

Sean Barrett (SOUT) def Kohl Dodd (FERN), Fall 3:24

Derek Hicks (SK) def Darius Bucerzan (FRCO), Fall 5:41

Bryan Carter (UNIO) def Slater Swift (ASHL), Fall 1:57

Will Tompkins (STX) def Andre Farris (JOHA), Fall 1:03

Zac Gnadinger (OLDC) def Jordan Miller (TRIN), Dec 14-7

Blake Schaffer (LAW) def Austin Derden (CHCO), Fall 0:39

Sam Steele (BOON) def Robert Watson (BRST), Dec 12-6

Bernard Ray (LARU) def Collie Taylor (DOSS), Fall 1:01

Zach Fisher (CONN) def Tyler Wilson (CALL), T-Fall 15-0

Angel Gonzalez (JEFF) def Evan Kenealy (MEAD) DQ

Aaron Dyche (MANU) def Alex Swartz (ANCO), Fall 0:23

John Conley (JOHN) def Andrew Jakubec (MADC), Fall 3:14

Drayton Simmons (FTCA) def Kristian Skyles (SHCL), Fall 1:44

Justin McDaniel (MOOR) def Dominique Bailey (EAST), Fall 3:56

Matthew Leffler (FAIR) def Zach Blackburn (CEHA), M-Dec 9-1

John Garrett (HENC) def Brett Keeton (CACO), Dec 14-8

Weight: 195

Thomas Noe (SOUT) def Joe Tafolla (HENC), Fall 2:25

Matt May (STX) def David Bergman (SK), Dec 13-7

Devin Smith (UNIO) def Michael Kollar (FERN), M-Dec 15-2

BJ Carman (LARU) def Dakota Stepp (SHCL), Fall 0:40

Tucker Fair (MADC) def Mark Thompson (JOHA), Fall 3:17

Aaron Stevens (TRIG) def Deonta Davis (JEFF), Fall 0:46

Jake Williamson (RYLE) def Jake Harris (MANU), Fall 3:36

Sam Preston (JOHN) def Son Ngyun (IROQ), Fall 0:30

Bobby Bryant (TRIN) def Dhananjay Aurora (EAST), Fall 0:54

Devyn Collins (MONT) def Tyler Williams (FAIR), Fall 0:10

Travis Kaelin (ANCO) def Rodney Rednour (WAYN), Dec 9-6

Derik Overstreet (PDTI) def Kody Key (CACO), Fall 5:05

Will Conard (NOLD) def Tyler Parker (DAVI), Fall 1:55

Darrius Parrott (NHAR) def Eric Kiskaden (HARC), M-Dec 13-5

Alex Hogan (MEAD) def Christopher Jones (MCCR), Dec 7-4

Quincy Page (WV) def Cormel Floyd (CENT), Fall 5:09

Weight: 220

Brandon Roeder (WEST) def Derek Clemens (SPCO), Fall 0:13

Chris Fitzpatrick (ANCO) def Chris Niece (JOHN), M-Dec 10-1

Zach Farris (OHIO) def Daylon Whaley (MOOR), Fall 2:14

Austin Myers (CACO) def Jacob Purvis (MONT), Fall 2:40

Tucker Mueller (SK) def CJ Weires (OLDC), Dec 8-7

Ryan Lynn (DAVI) def Nick Wafzig (STX), Dec 13-6

Cameron Mattingly (JOHA) def Tanner Adams (ASHL), Fall 5:24

Wesley Morris (WOOD) def Austin Bradley (SOUT), Dec 3-2

Drew Newberry (LARU) def Tim Nikolao (FTCA), M-Dec 10-2

Anthony Jennings (FAIR) def Leon Price (JEFF), M-Dec 18-9

Trevor Thompson (CONN) def Jose Rebolledo (FRCO), M-Dec 10-0

Brendan Darrow (TRIN) def Charles Philpott (LETC), Dec 10-5

Reshawd Wilkins (UNIO) def Chase Cannon (MANU), Fall 1:54

Charlie Cornett (DIXI) def Brent Renninger (EAST), Fall 2:19

Zack Cooper (HENC) def Rowland Walsh (DESA), Fall 1:28

Steve Hollon (PECC) def Austin Muntz (BOYL), Fall 0:39

Weight: 285

Mason Franck (CACO) def Justin Bevins (ERID), Fall 1:23

Chistian Wilkins (WHIL) def Matthew Davis (SOLD), Fall 5:16

Elliott Porter (DANV) def Brandehn Todd (CENT), Dec 9-2

Shane Speed (GRAV) def Anthony Spencer (FAIR), Fall 0:50

Zack Troxell (WAYN) def Tim Greer (TRIG), Fall 1:09

Zack Lawson (NELS) def Jordan Lane (TRIN), Fall 2:37

Gabriel Lord (FERN) def Dustin Fugate (MADC), Dec 10-3

Trevor Ford (DESA) def Brad Weber (RYLE), Fall 2:14

Terrell Moore (TATE) def Bobby Spears (MOOR), Fall 4:36

Johnathan Beagley (PECC) def Cody Miskell (GRAN), Dec 3-2

Raynel Brown (UNIO) def Robert Green (DOSS), Fall 1:01

Matt Daugherty (CEHA) def Andrew Martin (MALE), Fall 1:35

Shayne Smith (STX) def Eli Meredith (LARU), Dec 9-3

David Dawson (CHCO) def Luke Johnson (ASHL), Fall 3:37

Colin Patrick (SK) def Alec Meilke (MEAD), Fall 1:40

Mike Caudill (OLDC) def Jordan Caldwell (HENC), Fall 2:37

Updated 3:51 p.m.

Just talked with Miskell about his first round loss and he said he is very disappointed in himself.

When asked if he psyched himself out with waiting till nearly 2:30 p.m. before wrestling.

"No," he said. "I just remembered that I had beaten him twice this season and didn't think he would be tough."

Miskell had a couple of nose bleeds during the match and he said that contributed to him losing any momentum he had during the match.

Now with the second round consolation, Miskell has to wait till the 445th bout which is still nearly 140 matches away. With that long of wait again, he will have to stay mentally tough to ensure he goes to the third round and second day of matches.

"I know that I can win and I can still achieve third place," he said. "It is better to get third place than nothing at all."

Update 4:56 p.m.

Earlier I had stated that Miskell is in the second round consolation. He is in the first round consolation bracket, which means he must win the next two matches to advance to the second day of wrestling here at Alltech Arena in Lexington.

Updated 5:50 p.m.

While waiting for Miskell's first-round consolation match, I decided to take a look at the final state rankings and his upcoming opponents.

In the first-round consolation matchup, Miskell's opponent is Bobby Spears of Moore High School. Spears doesn't appear on the state rankings. Miskell is ranked 15th.

If Miskell can get past Spears, his second-round match will be against Gabriel Lord of Fern Creek High School, who is ranked 23rd in the state. Miskell needs to win these two matches in order to be back for day two tomorrow.

Shearer said he believes that Miskell was afraid of losing in his first match and it kept him from wrestling well.

"I told him to just have fun this match," Shearer said.

Miskell is just under 40 matches away from his first consolation match.

Updated 6:46 p.m.

Cody Miskell advances to the second round consolation after pinning Bobby Spears. The win officially gets Grant County on the scoreboard and also keeps Miskell's chances alive in the tournament.

He will now have to wait till bout 557 before wrestling for an opportunity to head to day two.