Have the Tea Party lost their heat?

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By Ron Kennedy, guest columnist

Where’s the “Tea Party?” Corruption abounds, and yet, no report of so much as one hot-foot in any level of government. Is your silence since the election telling us that you were just kidding about holding their feet to the fire, and that your true agenda was satisfied by the loss of a few Democrat seats in  the House? Did that minuscule victory mean mission accomplished? Well, here’s a flash for you. Your work has just begun. Toss the tea pots, get out the foot warmers and back your promises with performance. I’ve never seen the need for a third political party, nor do I now, especially in your case since there’s no firm evidence that you have the numbers, the organizational skills and the leadership to merit validation.
However, I am persuaded that you possess sufficient recognition and the support of enough people to usher change by policing, exposing and reporting, which is the substance of your promise to hold their feet to the fire.
At this moment, there are many bills and resolutions that have been drafted by legislators who are corrupted by greed for lobbyist dollars. If you can back up your pre-election promises, you must have people on the inside who are able and unafraid to bring enough heat to expose and report corrupt legislators who are lining their pockets with special interest money, with no concern for the benefit of the people who hired them.
You could start with House Resolution 2454. Ignite your fires under the feet of Senators Waxman and Markey. A sufficient amount of heat might reveal who paid them, and how much, to draft a senseless resolution in an effort to cripple the coal industry. How much more will they receive when it becomes law, which could easily happen, since it is a common strategy to stretch a one-page bill into 300, knowing that it is pork barrel bound, because nobody has the time to read it.
Get off the errant deficit spending issue, Bush and Cheney sank that ship long ago, and focus on unbiased investigating and reporting of present ills, which would support our agenda to hold legislators accountable to clean up their act, or face public exposure, which often leads to legal actions. Take your fire to the pork barrel. This alone would cure a multitude of ills, beginning with the exposure of an alarming number of corrupt legislators with both hands in the lobbyist’s cookie jars.
I cannot validate your political party credentials; however, I will insist that you have a place by virtue of purpose. I’m sure that I speak for a vast segment of the public as I encourage you to bring on the heat. Don’t lose sight of your objective of demanding legislative accountability, and for this you need support from all political affiliates, so don’t advocate change, by a change of people.
If my car is not running properly, I fix it. I learned long ago that the fix is preferable to replacement, because so often the replacement is no better than the one I have after a minor repair. I truly believe that your fires will be kindled by all political entities if you remain politically unbiased and focused on your mission as promised. You can fix the elected officials already in office, no matter how corrupt, when you deliver on your promise to bring the heat and I strongly suggest that you focus first on Senators Waxman and Markey, for the sake of the coal companies, the people in there employ and our affordable electric bills.
Remember, you promised! If you do no more than burn HR 2454, this would surely justify the existence of the Tea Party.