Corinth passes 2018-19 budget

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By Deborah Lucas Angel


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After weathering the water break and repair for nearly three weeks in May, it is still a busy summer for Corinth.  

Due to scheduling conflicts, the regular monthly meeting was held on June 25 with all members of the commission. Mayor Barbara New and City Clerk Tara Wright present.  Next, a special meeting to provide a second reading and approval of the 2018-2019 budget was held on June 29.  Finally, a regular monthly meeting was held on July 9.  

Items discussed at the regular meetings included trash fees, city property tax rates, as well as responsibilities of the old city park building, which is now leased by the United States Postal Service (USPS) Office. The city budget and the problem of needles stopping up sewer pumps also were discussed.

Commissioners discussed and conducted the first reading of the coming year’s budget on June 25. The budget totals $86,000 for the city and $103,700 for the sewer fund, which includes trash charges.  Part of the discussion included how to pay the insurance premiums.  

The body opted for “Option #1.” which pays Workers’ Comp, Liability and Property premiums in two equal payments.  The budget’s second reading and subsequent approval was held at the special meeting on June 30.

With the city being charged higher fees for trash handling and the city having some of the lowest vendor fees; commissioners agreed to pass through the $1.09 raise from waste company CSI.  According to Wright, this will keep with the original city ordinance requiring no more than $1.25 above charged rates.  In monthly terms, trash service will cost $8.59. The contract with CSI is through 2023.

Discussing the required city tax rate review, the commissioners agreed via motion that “because of raises in trash rates and vendor fees, the tax rate would remain the same” as the past two years.

The city has a contract with Perfect-A-Waste to maintain its sewer system.  Over the past few years, fees for repairs have been causing budgetary woes to the city.  However, according to Wright, over the past few months, those outstanding fees were being brought under control.  

Also at the June meeting, commissioners learned that the pump station at the Sunoco station was so full of needles from the bathroom that the company had to conduct full maintenance on the unit.  According to Wright, Perfect-A-Waste representative Chuck Hungler said needles blocking this pump “is the worst in all of the (units the company) services.”  

The company services systems in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Due to the costs of maintenance and recurrence of issues at the same few pump stations, the commissioners discussed having larger businesses with their own pump stations to shoulder some of the repair costs.  Wright will check into this potential.  

There also was some discussion of requests to add a storm shelter and park shelter to the City Park.  However, the dugout area would not hold enough people during an emergency.  The proposed park shelter would be attached to the existing old park building.  Under the current lease, USPS is responsible for everything within the old park building except the furnace and roof.  Therefore, decisions on the park shelter would be under the purview of the USPS.

The next meeting will be Aug. 13 at the City Building.