Collective voices needed to kill HR 2454

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Our president appeared on national TV in 1972 and told the nation that it was out of oil. There was much speculation that it was simply a lie by big oil to prepare the nation for the increased prices of foreign oil.
As for myself, speculation diminished and fact emerged when a past co-worker, called me from Victoria, Texas, pleading with me to join him in the oil fields. His employer was one of many begging for help to relieve the seven-day, 10 hours a day schedule to meet the demand. In his words, “They are drilling, capping and stacking wells at warp speed, and the testing companies cannot keep up the pace.”
My friend found it “sadly laughable” that our president had been duped by the oil industry, as infinite reserves were so blatantly obvious beneath the easily accessible dry land. I never believed that President Nixon was a knowing partner in the conspiracy, but simply another victim of corporate lies, a sure sign, that even then, the oil industry would not allow principle or truth to alter their bottom line. It has long been common for oil industry lobbyists to influence legislators to unreasonably burden any form of alternative energy, especially the coal industry. The coal that fires the generators that provide us with affordable electric rates. The coal that creates employment for many people in financially depressed regions.
I picked up a brief segment of a news program that announced a “push” to have coal ash declared “hazardous waste.” The next day, I was on the phone to Washington where I learned that they were only “vaguely aware,” which caused me to suspect that this was not a proposal from the EPA. Since then, I have learned that the chief suspects are Senators Waxman and Markey. HR 2454 has already been drafted as I write these comments, and is known as the Waxman-Markey bill.
Doubtful that they are driven by environmental concern, I strongly suspect that it is more likely another attempt to further burden the coal industry and it reeks from the stench of oil industry lobbyists; however, in all fairness, it could simply be ill-informed environmentalists on an errant mission, but in either case, it is an expensive process to dispose of hazardous waste, and this is just the first part of a multi-age bill that would severely cripple the entire cola industry and quadruple our electric bills.
This will sorely affect millions of people, as well as the creation of a catastrophe for coal producing states. We must learn more about this political atrocity and remain steadfastly opposed until our collective voices block this process by whatever means required!
I am acutely aware of the need to be environmentally responsible, but reasonable as well, and a haz-mat label on coal ash is totally unreasonable, and although I know little of the content of the Waxman-Markey bill, I am certain that it is just that, a “bill” that we cannot afford!
We must be diligent, deliberate and prompt to call Geoff Davis (locally) at 426-0080, Ben Chandler’s Washington office at 202-225-4706 or other Washington officials at 202-225-3465. We must demand that our legislators kill HR 2454 before it slips unnoticed through a barrel of pork and into law.
Ron Kennedy
Dry Ridge