Church News 2-17-11

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Camp Northward
• The camp is busy preparing to host the 2011 Deans meetings. Mark your calendar now for the spring workdays – March 12, April 15 and May 7.  For more information visit the website at www.campnorthward.com.

Cherry Grove
• Feb. 11- Chili supper at 7 p.m.
• Feb. 19 – Men’s prayer breakfast at 9 a.m. and Southern Gospel Singspiration at 9 p.m. Refreshments will follow.

• On Sunday morning, Rhonda spoke on “The Heart.” Christians have to take action to lead and purify their hearts and not let their hearts lead them.
• Feb. 18 - Christ Community will launch a new contemporary youth program under the direction of youth pastor, Wes Cain, at 7 p.m. All young people are invited. For more information, call 859-824-1824.

• Sunday three people followed in baptism and are seeing God’s plan for the church and community. For information about the church, call Pastor Earl Breeden at 859-814-7594.
• Bring in back pack items this Wednesday. 
• Feb. 19 – Church 20/20 will join five other churches at Jimmy’s Roller Rink  to skate from 10 a.m. to noon.  

• Greater love hath no man than this, that he will lay down his life for his friend. This greatest love was shown over 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ laid down his life for all. Are you showing your thankfulness?

Dry Ridge
• Feb. 20 - Family Night; bring a side dish at 6 p.m. for food and fellowship.
• Feb. 25 - The youth will be going iceskating. They will leave the church at 7 p.m. and will return by 10 p.m. The cost is $6, plus money for food.
• March 13-16 - Revival is Sunday through Wednesday. Sunday services at 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday evening the services starts at 7 p.m. Greg Waltermire from Heritage Baptist Church in Lexington will be the evangelist and Carl Brown from Yellow Creek Baptist Church in Owensboro will lead the music.

Dry Ridge
• If you are looking for a church home, come for a visit.  Sunday services are held weekly at 11 a.m.  Children’s church is available during worship. For more information, call 859-824-5622 or visit the website at www.dryridgepresbyterian.com.   
• Rev. Jim Bernard will lead the services until May 1.

Worship Center
• Feb. 20 - Attention all teens and parents of teens of URGENCY Youth who are considering going to Summer Scream Youth Camp this year: There will be a meeting immediately following the morning service to discuss details. See Pastor Ryan or Pastor Rachel for more information.
• April 16 - Kidz-4-Gsus ages first through fifth grade are going to watch the Red’s. The cost is $16 per ticket, plus spending money. Ten dollars is due March 2 to reserve a spot. See Pastor Angela to sign-up or for more information.

First Love
Community Fellowship
• Brother David continues his series on, to ‘Go and Grow we’ve got to Know’ with a sermon entitled to believe in God—born of God; sharing in a nut shell that many believe in God, but only those who are born of God will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This sermon can be read in its entirety on firstloveky.org
• Fridays – View a series at 7 p.m. called The Way of the Master, sharing the faith Jesus’ way, featuring  Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Grassy Run
• The Bible study of the Book of Galatians, “Truth about Grace”continues on Wednesday and Sunday nights.
• Feb. 20: Nursery helper is Tommy and Children’s church leaders will be Terri and Jessica.

• Pastor Pullens preached “When God anoints” (II Samuel 1:10-11, 16). When God calls a man and anoints him, He doesn’t regret it, and He wants that anointing to last always. Keep it fresh, water the seed, feed and care for it.
• Feb. 20-22 - Harvest Apostolic will be having revival at 7 p.m. with Pastor Gordon Winslow.  

Mt. Carmel
• Mt. Carmel welcomes visitors. The church is located at 389 Mt. Carmel Road, Williamstown. For more information call Pastor Rick Haggett at  859-907-4930 or visit the Web site at www.mtcarmelbaptistky.com.

Mt. Zion
• Bro. Paul Marksberry delivered inspiring messages: “Criticism” (Luke 4:21-22) and “Forgiven” (Mark 2:1-21.) 
• The deacon of the week is Lee Roy Simpson at 428-3423. Pastor Bro. Paul Marksberry can be reached at 824-6332.
• No Team Kid meeting Wednesday night, but the church will have prayer meeting.

Oak Ridge
• Last week, some of the members put on a skit about not waiting to accept Christ, because people never know when they are going to die and it could be too late if they wait. Samantha Wainscott sung special music.
Bro. Baker’s message was from 1 Samuel 17:46-47, “Giant Slayer.”  We all have giants in our life we deal with and we can’t fight these giants without the help of God.
• Feb. 19 - Deacon’s meeting at 8 a.m.
• March 2 – Business meeting at 6 p.m.
• March 11 - Ladies night at 6 p.m.
• March 12 – Winter Jam Concert at 5 p.m.
• Happy birthday to Stella Cook, Alice Morgan, David Wolfe, Melissa Baker, Jay Eakins and Amanda Perry and  happy anniversary to Ed and Charlene Bradley.

Short Creek
• Bro. Brad’s message was entitled, “What Flowed Down for Me-Thank You for Mercy” (Matthew 5:7 and Matthew 6:14). He has shown his mercy by giving his Son to die for people’s sins, by expressing his willingness to pardon and save us and by sending his Spirit to renew and sanctify our hearts. We imitate God by showing mercy to one another.
• Sundays - Children in Action (grades one through six) at 6 p.m.
• March 6 - Secret Sisters banquet

• Earl’s talk was on The Big Move, a series that will continue through the next couple of weeks. God is always making big moves in people’s lives and at the Vineyard.
• The Vineyard is excited to welcome Jillian Cruikshank to the leadership team. She will be overseeing the Children’s Center.
• Feb. 27 - Vertical Youth Group meets after Sunday Celebration. Middle school and high school students are welcome to eat pizza and get connected to Jesus.

• Feb. 20 –Three Bridges in concert at 8:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. Their music is rooted in traditional Southern gospel music. This blended style has made their group an internationally acclaimed gospel group, known for tight harmonies vocal style. The trio consists of Elliott McCoy, Shannon Smith and Jeremie Hudson. They have appeared on five Bill Gaither video taped shows and were special guests on a video for the United Nations.

• Continuing the series on the family, senior minister Gary Swick talked about ‘What Grandchildren Wish for their Grandparents,’ from 2 Corinthians 6:19-20. Wishes include stay healthy; be more involved in their lives; give encouragement and provide spiritual direction.
• Evening Bible study is from the book of Jonah.
• Saturdays - Choir practice at 5 p.m.
• Feb. 17 - Senior Saints will travel to Harrodsburg for lunch at the Beaumont Inn.
• Feb. 23 - Ladies in Action will meet in the church fellowship hall.
• March 6 - Singspiration for the area churches will be March 6 at WCC.

Williamstown Pentecostal Holiness
• Feb. 18-20 – Revival with Brother Ray Napier. Friday and Saturday will begin at 7:30 p.m. Sunday will begin at 2 p.m. The church is located on U.S. 25 South in Williamstown. For more information, call Pastor Bobby Jewell at 859-824-4922.

United Methodist
• Feb. 18 – Scrapbooking at 4 p.m.
• Feb. 20 - Praise and worship band practice at 10 a.m. New members class at 10 a.m. in conjunction with  the Pastor’s Sunday school class. The course will last four Sundays and will include a lesson on “What we Believe as Christians” and ”Methodist history, doctrinal beliefs and polity. Worship services at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Children’s activities are scheduled during evening worship. Transportation will be provided for anyone that needs it, see Pastor Barry. Fireproof youth will meet at 5 p.m.
• Feb. 21 – Bible study at 1 p.m.
• Feb. 21 – UM Women meet at 6 p.m.
• Feb. 23 – Homework Hotline from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and Bible study at 6:30 p.m. Call Pastor Barry for additional information on any of these programs at 859-823-5171.