Church News 1-6-11

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Camp Northward
• How about beginning 2011 with a new world view? A view that sees everyone matters to God and that no one deserves God’s goodness. All are sinners saved by His grace. In 2011, share the story, share the grace.     

• A New Eve’s Year service wasn’t planned, but since several asked for it, one was scheduled. About 11:30 p.m., members shared and had a candlelight service and ended up praying to 1:30 a.m.  It was a spontaneous time of worship and adoration for what God has done and what He will do in the New Year.

• Brother Quentin’s message was entitled “Strengthening Your Grip on Discipleship” from Luke. Jesus instructed his disciples to go, to baptize and to make other disciples. Jesus shows the level of commitment Christians need to have to be a disciple for Him. He is still calling disciples today. Are you willing to follow and make him your number one priority? He has provided the instructions.

Dry Ridge
• Services resume at 11 a.m. Jan. 9. Children’s church is at the same time.  The church is located at 15 Warsaw Avenue, Dry Ridge.  For more information, call 824-5622 or visit  www.dryridgepresbyterian.com.

• Brother Kenny French from Warsaw brought Sunday’s message from Matt. 9:18-25. He emphasized that God is still there for everyone just as He was when Jesus was born. People just need to have faith and depend on Him to guide them. Bro. Berger retired at the end of December.

Worship Center
• Jan. 21 - Kidz-4-Gsus will be having a movie night from 7 to 10 p.m. for all kids ages 4 through 12 (fifth grade). “How to Train Your Dragon” will be viewed.  Invite your friends and come ready to have a good time eating popcorn, drinking pop, playing games and watching a movie.

Grassy Run
• Business meeting 5:30 p.m. Jan. 9.
 • New bible study starting Jan. 9 and continuing every Sunday and Wednesday nights for six weeks.  It will be on the Book of Galations-”Truth about Grace”.  Books are $6.95.  See Brother Mike with questions.
• Nursery helper next week is Terri.  Children’s church leaders next week will be Janet and Rebecca.

• Pastor Pullens preached on Psalms 23:1; 1 Peter 1:7 and1 Peter 4:12. God is the shepherd, the Shepard King. People need to be careful what they say and do. God doesn’t like those that always want to sow discord among the people. It’s not the will of God for people to judge or mistreat others. In this new year of new beginnings, make it a priority to treat others with kindness and to face all the battles on your knees.

Mt. Carmel
• Mt. Carmel welcomes visitors. The church is located at 389 Mt. Carmel Road, Williamstown. For more information call Pastor Rick Haggett at  859-907-4930 or visit the Web site at www.mtcarmelbaptistky.com.

Mt. Zion
• Bro. Paul Marksberry’s sermons “The Right and Wrong Road” were from Psalms 1:1-6 and “The New Birth” from Luke1:5-14.  Shirley Davis sang a beautiful song accompanied by her husband, Gary,
• Team Kids meet Wednesday night when school is in session unless otherwise announced.
• Business meeting Wednesday night.
• Deacon of the weed is Lee Roy Simpson.
• The Lottie Moon Offering is growing.  This year’s goal is $1,000.

Oak Ridge
• Bro. Baker’s message was from Deuteronomy 30:11-20 “A Fresh Start”  With a new year can come a fresh start with God. Put last year behind you and start new. Study God’s word by reading it, praying to him, witness to others about him, go to church and serve God.  
• Upcoming Events include 6 p.m. – Jan. 10 -Trustee’s Meeting; 7 p.m. – Jan. 20 - Sunday School Meeting and 6 p.m. – Jan. 28 - Game Night.
Happy Birthday  Debbie Wagers, Harry Readnour, Jessica Cook, Chad Davis, Alexis Manning and Crystal Cook.

• Earl started off the New Year with a new series called The Big Move.  He spoke about the moves God makes in people’s lives.  This series will continue for the next few weeks.  Come learn about the big move that’s happening at The Vineyard.  Sunday Celebration starts at 10:30am every Sunday morning. Children’s worship meets during church so bring your little ones and they can join in the fun.
• 8 a.m. – Jan. 8 – Guys that Pray meets every Saturday morning at The Vineyard.
• 6 p.m. - Jan. 16 - Movie  Night. The feature presentation will be “Despicable Me.” Popcorn and drinks will be provided.  

  • At the Sunday morning worship service Senior Minister Gary Swick asked the question:”If you get where you are going, where will you be?” A person should ask,”Are there some areas of my life where I am spiritually weak?” Scripture was Mark 5:1-18. Jesus transformed a confused life. He can do the same today. There are three steps to a transformed life:(1) Jesus went out of His way to find the man. (2) Jesus removed the source of evil. (3) Jesus  replaced the source of evil with peace. Everything He did for the demoniac He does for us.
• Evening Bible study and a small group study continues at 6 p.m.  each Sunday.
• The Senior Saints will meet at 11 a.m. Thursday for a brief Bible study and potluck lunch. Everyone is welcome; you don’t have to be a senior or a saint.