Can this government keep us safe?

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How many American freedoms will be taken in the name of “keeping us safe?” A great number of Americans have sacrificed their dignity, self-respect and personal freedoms by allowing a government agency to manipulate them into subjecting themselves to new regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), all in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists.
This would be the same government that stopped the phrase “War on Terror” and is against forceful tactics being used during questioning to gain information that might actually help keep our country safe. This is also the same government that refuses to adequately secure our borders along Arizona and other states to keep illegal immigrants form invading our country. Instead they fight the state’s efforts to protect its self.
Is this a government we can rely on to keep us safe? Other countries do not impose these disrespectful tactics to make their airports safe. They use other methods and trained personnel to secure safety. Their methods would, of course, be much too politically incorrect for us. Perhaps political correctness and tolerance to the extreme is the real danger.
Rosalie Tunks