Businesses scammed with fake $100 bills

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Two people have been scamming local businesses in Grant County with counterfeit $100 bills, according to police.
Williamstown Police Department Sgt. Steve Cornman said about seven or eight “mom and pop” shops and yard sales have been duped with fake money around Oct. 4 and Oct. 5 in Williamstown and one yard sale in Corinth.

Four businesses were hit in Dry Ridge around the same time, said Dry Ridge Officer David Osborne.
Osborne said Dry Ridge and Williamstown’s police departments are working a joint investigation, hoping to file charges against the two suspects soon.

Businesses reported a black man about 6 feet 2 inches tall and a thin-to-medium build and a black woman about 5 foot 9 inches tall with medium build driving a sedan silver Nissan with Ohio temporary tags, Osborne said.
The fake $100 bills were reportedly smaller tender bills, like $1 or $5, that were bleached and reprinted with $100 on them.

Bren Murphy, owner of The Gallery Coffee Shop and Art Cafe, said the $100 a man gave her passed a marker test, but didn’t have a watermark, plastic strip or raised texture from the ink that real $100 bills should.
“It’s unfortunate for me because that was a slow day, so after giving away $100, I pretty much worked for free,” Murphy said. “That’s a major loss for a small business, especially when this is how you support your family.”
Osborne said holding a $100 bill up to light is a good way to check for the watermark and plastic strip since these bills will pass the marker test.
Contact police dispatch at (859) 428-1212 with information regarding counterfeit money or information on the suspects.
Contact your local police department for more information about how to identify counterfeit money.