Burgess deserves appreciation

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I’m writing about an important figure in our community who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. He is the president of the Grant County Basketball Boosters. He is the chairman of the Bullock Pen Water District and has a full-time job as a surveyor. He is the guy that mows some of your lawns, and he is one person you see around every Grant County basketball game, whether it’s fourth, eighth or high school. His name is Bobby Burgess. He puts in countless hours at the concession stand at every game. He does this to help support your children, buy uniforms, pay expenses for road trips, pay for jackets, shirts, ties, sweats and all the things we need to keep th players looking great.
The team has been on several road trips to places that some of the players may not have been able to see in their lifetime. They have been to Florida, Arizona, New Orleans, San Diego and on several trips around sections of Kentucky to play in tournaments. Most of the expenses were paid for by the efforts of Burgess and the Grant County Basketball Boosters.
He put in countless hours working for the children of Grant County and doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas break, vacation time or whatever comes up, he always puts the team first and is there to meet any financial need he can.
We live in busy times, but he never gets too busy to be in the gym and in the concession stand working for your children. The next time you see Bobby Burgess around the school, just give him a hardy hello and a bit of thanks for a job well done.
My the Lord bless you all: workers, parents, fans and players for Grant County basketball.
J.B. Curd
Former Grant County Basketball President