Today's News

  • Students participate in EKU NOVA Program at EKU

    Among the 206 participants in Eastern Kentucky University’s NOVA program, which serves students with academic potential who are the first in their family to pursue a four-year degree, are:
    • Jessica Slone of Dry Ridge, senior English major.
    • Brittany Lewis of Dry Ridge, freshman anthropology major.
    • Seneca Sullivan of Dry Ridge, sophomore General Studies major.

  • CHURCH NOTES 11-8-12

    • Kent and Paige Parrish, missionaries to the Philippines will speak at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11. 
    • Nov. 4, was a spirit -filled service and several praying at the altar.  God was moving.
    • Family and Friends Day is Dec. 2.  For more information, call 859-394-2586.

  • I’m not sinning... I have a disease!

    Lewis came to me the other day and after admitting that he had used an illegal drug he said, “I can’t help it. I know I shouldn’t hang out with those guys but they are my friends. Besides that, I have a “ompulsive disease” that I cannot control and this “disease”  is incurable, progressive and fatal. My addictions counselor at church even told me so! I can’t help it! I can’t control it! I will always have it, and will probably go back to using drugs from time to time.”


    November 6, 1997
    A total of five students from Grant County are among the approximately 115,000 students included in the 20th annual edition of The National Dean s List, 1996-1997. Students are selected for this honor by their college deans, registrars or honor society advisors and must be held in the upper 10 percent in their class.

  • Lady beetle invasion common this time of year

    Some years are worse than others: I remember years when it was like a siege of lady beetles other years a few popped up here or there.   Usually they sneak their way into our homes as a noticeable chill settles in. On sunny days they cling to the screen door on the south side of where I write.  Presently they are displayed before me. I need not worry about them as they sun themselves; but the ones that collect indoors, well your best bet is a vacuum cleaner.  

  • Everett Barker
  • Mason recieves award

    15 Years

  • Move peonies in fall if blooms are scarce

    The landscapes are constantly changing: from season to season and year to year. I love the seasonal changes in Kentuckiana, they keep us guessing. When I am tired of one season the next is about to begin. But there are other types of changes that affect the way we enjoy our gardens, over time sunny spots become shady as trees mature and landscapes evolve.