Today's Opinions

  • Ensuring retirees have a secure retirement

    Bringing about a flurry of facts and a storm of misconceptions, Kentucky’s pension crisis has become one of the most dominating news stories in recent months.
    One thing is for certain: if our state pensions are not addressed in the near future, we will face huge cuts in state funding. Education, Medicaid, and other government services will likely be affected—a risk our state is not in a position to take.
     So how did we get to this point? In the early 2000’s Kentucky’s pensions were in a healthy condition.

  • Local resident concerned about fiscal responsibility

    I am a resident of Grant County for 49 years. I am concerned about fiscal responsibility in our current county fiscal court.
    There has never been a county occupation tax in Grant County until the Republicans were voted in.
    Now in their third year in office, they said they were out of money and needed to pass an occupation tax. They blamed this on Democrats who served before they were elected because they did not pass an occupation tax.

  • Magistrate supports courthouse repairs, not costly assessment

    In response to the article you published on Sept. 27, 2017 on the front page of the Grant County News, I would like to express my point of view as a magistrate who represents the 1st District; Corinth and Williamstown.  
    I, along with others (based on the number of inquiries I’ve received), were very much surprised to have read that Brandsetter Carroll Inc. was hired to complete an assessment of the courthouse.

  • Stray seed, hybrids, the mighty Hubbard squash


  • HIV threat in Northern Kentucky real, but one we can better understand through testing

    Here are a few facts that we know:

    Northern Kentucky has the third highest number of individuals infected with HIV in the state, with about 30-35 new cases each year. 

  • Are you there, God?

    By Rachel Dawn, Guest Columnist

    It was a sweltering Friday in July, but I was inside. I was sitting just outside of a hotel meeting room door anxiously waiting for my name to be called. 

    It was my first writer’s conference and I had scored one of the few, coveted appointment slots with a publisher; during which I would pitch my book in hopes they would offer me a contract.

  • A Runner’s Request

    As a resident of Grant County and an avid runner, it is difficult to find designated places for training.  My fellow runners and I utilize tracks, treadmills, gyms, sidewalks and rural roads.  In order to train for 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons and marathons, we must collect our mileage on the back roads of Grant County.  

  • Lessons about the Florida Hurricane

    It was wonderful to read the Grant County News last week and learn about the many people in the county who graciously and generously helped in hurricane relief efforts in Florida.
     These tragic times offer some teaching moments for all of us. First, we should be reminded that we are to show compassion towards others, as taught in Christ’s parable of the Good Samaritan. Second, as I said to the Grant County News last week, Christians can use this time to better understand why God allows suffering and death in the world.