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  • Veteran information wanted

    The editorial team at the Grant County News works on a lot of special projects, which are above and beyond the normal weekly coverage provided in the Grant County News and Grant County Express.
    We’ve put together special sections that contained a 24/7 look at Grant County which was chock full of photos from a 24-hour period in our community. We’ve also put together specialty sections such as one on the horse community, one on 4-H and an annual one devoted to inside our schools.


    In the “Personally Speaking” section of the Grant County News on Oct. 12, 2010, Linda Lawrence’s column “Hope to see you at the polls” pointed out the obligation and privilege it is for each of us to vote—but we need to be informed. This column needs to be reprinted every election year.


    There is an oft repeated mantra by liberal progressives that the rich need to pay their “fair share.” I agree. A fair share suggests equal portions to all, regardless of circumstance. Our current tax code is progressive. The more you make, you are progressively taxed at a higher rate. There is nothing fair about that.


    Regarding James Zadroga’s 9/11 Health and Compensation Act and the lack of cancer coverage, the lack of providing cancer coverage to the first responders seems a glaring oversight to the intent of the bill.
    “To date, 75 recovery workers at ground zero have been diagnosed with blood cell cancers that a half-dozen top doctors and epidemiologists have confirmed as having been likely caused by that exposure.” This is a quote from the Village Voice from 2006.

  • Bullseye: My first try at a shooting range

    I have never been one to play with toy guns or even shoot a real gun.
    That was until I went to my friend, Kyle Swadener’s bachelor party on Sept. 24.
    The original plan was for us to go shoot paintballs, but just a week before the party, I found out we were going to a shooting range.
    I was a little nervous about shooting a gun, because that is not my kind of thing. I had never held a real gun until I was in front of the shooting target that day.

  • Transportation to GED

    The Grant County Adult Education program is also looking for opinions from the public.

    They’ve  been circulating a survey asking if transportation is a barrier to keep someone from getting their GED.

    They want to know if free or low-cost transportation to the adult learning center, behind Grant County Middle School in Dry Ridge, was available would this be helpful.

    Send your responses to www.grantged.com or call the Grant County Adult Education Office at 859-823-1341.

  • Your opinion counts, so share it!

    Regional YMCA

    If they build a regional YMCA, will you go?

    That’s the question a committee of area citizens is trying to find an answer to as they assess the possibility of a YMCA facility or programs coming to Walton.

    The committee is asking  residents of surrounding areas to fill out a survey by Oct. 7 to see what programs the public would like to see, how much people would be willing to pay in dues and how often they would visit a YMCA facility weekly.


    The Grant County Home Educators would like to thank the county for the opportunity to earn money by picking up trash.

    We don’t like it when people throw their trash out on the roads. They need to think about all the animals that are eating the plastic and other debris. This hurts them and when you litter, it makes our roads look nasty.

    We ask that you please wait until you get home and throw your trash in a garbage can.
    Agnes Barrett
    Mercedes Hardwick
    Shauna Hiles
    Destinee Isles