Today's Opinions

  • What a waste!

    The other day, I was grocery shopping.  Nothing new, something we all do.  But then, as I was perusing the pet aisle, I looked up to see a package of hotdogs lying toward the back of the shelf.  Not pet food hot dogs, people food hot dogs.  I picked them up and took them to the nearest store employee.  She thanked me and took the package.

  • One voice, one word

    A once euphoric young boy stands in solitude, feeling inferior to those who ridicule him persistently. He yearns for someone, somewhere, to be his friend and to understand the sorrow he’s undergoing.

    He is the boy with the solemn look on his face that many people continue to taunt carelessly. His fears consume him. They are the parasite, and he is their prey.

    He might just be the boy sitting in front of you in your math class; he may be the boy isolated at lunch. He is one of the many victims of bullying found everywhere today.


    Arsonists must have
    not been thinking

    To the person or persons unknown:
    What was in your mind the night you torched the 90-year-old building in Grant County Park?

  • This reader is tired of all the inaccuracies

    After reading the “Guest Column” by Chuck Estridge that sounded like every television political commercial, I had to respond to the falsehoods and inaccuracies that the column contained.

  • What do the new state test scores really mean?

  • Choose city council members wisely

    Choose city council members wisely
    “Two public meetings, two votes, two different outcomes.” “ I was against the project but now I am for it.” “I said then, it’s not my first choice for our city but where it’s located on the west side of 75, the impact would be extremely small to the city. If it was on the east side of 75, I wouldn’t be for this.”
    These statements were from elected officials that voted in favor of “A” truck stop.

  • Setting examples for the next generation


    Brian Linder is ‘better’ candidate
    “We deserve better” has become the hue and cry at election time. But, how do we get “better”.
    I suggest, if we want better, we take some time to look at who and what is being offered from candidates for any office in question.