• A word from our readers 1-6-11


    Thanks for the birthday party
    My 100th birthday has been overwhelming! I am deeply grateful for the many, many remembrances of flowers, gifts, foods, money and donations to the Baptist Church and Gideons International given in my honor.
    I was most pleased to see all of you at my celebration and thank you for your many years of friendship. You have my love.
    Caroline Vice Ransdell

  • Christmas memories - from the community

    A trip down memory lane, cable cars

    How do you know what was your favorite Christmas past? I would like to say mine was Dec. 25, 1992, that was the last one we had with our son, for on Nov. 23, 1993, our son, Chuck was taken from us in a car accident.

  • Give things of eternal value this Christmas

    “Can I have a quarter please!”

    As a mother of four, these words make me cringe—knowing what my little guys are aspiring to get with this precious coin.

    You know, those vending machines at child-eye-level that have little trinkets of no value. Still the asking continues for a toy that will not even make it out of our vehicle into our house of more trinkets of little value.

  • Holiday Memories

    Nuts, fruits and love

    You recently ask readers to submit their favorite Christmas memory. Wow, it makes you stop and think about Christmas past and what is important in your life today compared to what one might have thought was so important all those years ago as a child. Since my parents have passed away, I look back at so many things with fond memories.

    Things are different now and you know what really matters. My mom stayed home with us kids, five to be exact and our dad worked at the Kentucky Department of Highway. We always looked forward to Christmas, as I am sure every kid did and still does today.

  • Lawrence Construction should be commended

    I am a resident of the portion of James Street that has been completely renovated. I want to commend the Lawrence Construction Company and any other company that has worked on this project. They worked long hours and were able to accomplish the work without putting any undue stress on the residents. The workers would answer any questions put to them by the residents. They really had our interest at heart.
    They were able to maintain the flow of traffic and still accomplish their duties.

  • Burgess deserves appreciation
  • GC Historical Society looks forward to 2011

    The Wiliam Arnold Log House in Williamstown has closed for the winter months. We expect to reopen for tours and visitors in mid March 2011, depending on the weather.
    Thanks to the volunteers from the Grant County Historical Society who served as hosts and welcomed approximately 300 visitors to this Grant County landmark.

  • Can this government keep us safe?

    How many American freedoms will be taken in the name of “keeping us safe?” A great number of Americans have sacrificed their dignity, self-respect and personal freedoms by allowing a government agency to manipulate them into subjecting themselves to new regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), all in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists.



    The Williamstown Christian Church would like to thank all those who filled their Helping Others bags with food. There was a tremendous response to this effort. The bags were delivered to Helping Hands and are already helping those in need during this holiday season.
    Ruth Odor